I arrived at Reaper’s Coast, where I was to discover how to master my powers and unlock my full potential as a Godwoken. This would prove to be no mean feat - the Void’s presence was growing throughout the land, and the Divine Order was divided by the apparent death of Bishop Alexandar and the succession of Dallis.

Danger awaited me on all sides, but I had to press ahead - somewhere out there lay the means to gain true mastery over Source magic




I successfully developed my powers in preparation for claiming the mantle of Divinity. The way forward was now clear also - I was to journey to a place known as the Nameless Isle. There, the fabled Council of Seven stood. Within, I was to prove myself as the Godwoken who was most worthy to claim the powers of the Seven Gods and fight the Void in their name.

My journey thus far was more complicated than I had first imagined - the acquisition of true power has been a difficult task, rife with hard choices. It is no simple matter to be a champion, to be a hero. I have been successful so far, but have I been righteous also? The responsibility is great, and will only grow greater if I win the powers of the gods.

Perhaps becoming Divine is a fate not to be relished by all, but I persist for now - the fate of the world is at risk.