• Drowning her Sorrows is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from Captain Ablewether on the 2nd  floor of Driftwood Tavern
  • Suggested level: any


We encountered a disturbed sea captain named Ablewether at the Black Bull Tavern. She claims to be haunted by the bells of her lost ship.


  • Captain Ablewether


  1. Cast Spirit Vision which will reveal a ghost you can talk to.
  2. Win the Persuasion check to make the ghost leave and end Ablewether's torment.
  3. Talk to Captain Ablewether again to finish the quest



  • Captain Dead
    Captain Ablewether is dead. Given how burdened she was with troubles in life, perhaps her spirit still lingers nearby.
  • Talked To Stubbs
    The spirit of First Mate Stubbs is tormenting his former captain, Ablewether, with the sounds of his bell.
  • Captain Asked To Stop Bell
    Captain Ablewether asked us to try and stop the ringing ship bell that torments her.
  • Bell Stopped
    We managed to stop the spirit of First Mate Stubbs from ringing the ship bell.
  • Got Location Of Compass
    Captain Ablewether told us where her ship sank - west, along the coast. It supposedly contains a magic compass.
  • Source Sucked Captains Ghost
    We consumed the Source of Ablewether's spirit.
  • Captain Dead No Ghost
    We returned to Captain Ablewether, only to find that she's dead. Her spirit doesn't linger nearby either - we have no way of helping her any further.
  • Close Left R C
    We have set sail from Reaper's Coast, without bringing Captain Ablewether's matter to a close.