• All In The Family is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from Tarquin standing at the gates of Stonegarden.
  • Suggested level: ???
  • Act 2


The quest is bugged for a lot of people and Tarquin isn't anywhere in Stonegarden and won't give you the quest when you approach him on Lady Vengeance.


  • Tarquin


Stonegarden Artifact

  1. Get the Key to the Crypt from a petrified sourceress named Qanna found in the gated crypt [X 551; Y127].
    •  You can de-petrify Qanna with Armour Of Frost or Bless and you will most likely have to fight her for the key.
  2. Get to Tarquin family crypt at [X 555; Y100] and open the door with the key you just have acquired.
  3. Inside the crypt, you have to find and press two switches to open a hidden Stonegate. (see gallery)
  4. When the Stonegate opens, cast Spirit Vision to reveal a puzzle you have to solve.
    • Put the party member with the most HP on the pressure plate.
    • Press the switches that Spirit Vision has revealed in the following order: middle-left-right.
    • To reset the puzzle, pull the middle switch until the room fills with water.
  5. When the puzzle is solved then a secret hatch will be revealed.
  6. You will find a treasure inside that tomb and the artifact you are looking for is in the coffin.
    • You will need a Lizard to decipher what the artifact is saying.
  7. When you try to leave the tomb, the clay sentinels will revive and attack you.

    • use AOE powers since they all have low hp values.

  8. Report back to Tarquin and he will tell you that the next artifact can be found on the Bloodmoon island.

Bloodmoon Island Artifact

  1. Find the Archives on the Bloodmoon island (see gallery)
  2. There is a hidden stone door inside the Archives. You will need quite an amount of wits to be able to interact with it.
    • Inside the hidden room, you will find the Unusual blade. A lizard party member can translate what it says.
    • There is also a Tenebrium chest here that will sap one source if you interact with it. It contains the Gree Pyramid!
      • The only way to open it is to lockpick it. (respec on the Lady Vengeance)
  3. Get the Artifact and bring it back to Tarquin.
  4. He will make a pretty good sword for you in Act 4.





Location of the first button


Location of the second button


Location of the Archives on the Bloodmoon island