• Aggressive Takeover is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can obtain it during the Red Ink in the Ledger Quest
  • Suggested level: ???
  • Act 2


We have found a trail of blood. It seems almost certain that someone met a violent end nearby...


  1. To kill Graven feed him with Tainted Stew, made by combining a Meaty Stew and any Void-tainted fish. He will run behind the tavern and will attack you if you confront him.

Quest Reward

Liam will mark a point on your map where his stash is hidden


  • Found Blood
    We have found a trail of blood. It seems almost certain that someone met a violent end nearby...
  • Found Grave 
    We followed the blood trail to a shallow grave.
  • Ate Trader Limb
    Within the grave, we found the remains of a trader. Upon eating his flesh, we learned that he was betrayed and murdered by someone close to him.
  • Knows Trader Was Killed
    The ghost of the trader, Liam, wants revenge against the one who killed him - named Garvan. Perhaps we can help the spirit.
  • Agreed To Take Revenge
    We have agreed to help Liam's spirit get his revenge by killing Garvan and returning with proof of his demise. Garvan is probably in Driftwood or travelling in the region.
  • Killed Garvan
    We have killed Garvan. Now we need to find a way to prove this to the spirit of Liam.
  • Elf Ate Garvan Head
    One of us ate Garvan's head, and learned that he killed his master, Liam, somewhere near a bridge.
  • Close Killed Garvan
    The spirit of the Liam is at peace now that his murderous apprentice, Garvan, has been killed. Before departing for the Hall of Echoes, he told us of a secret cache he had in Cloisterwood.
  • Close Informed Ghost Of Head Eaten
  • We informed the spirit of Liam that Garvan's head was eaten. Without proof that his revenge is complete, Liam will never be at peace.
  • Close Ghost Consumed
  • One of us consumed the spirit of Liam. Whatever happened to him before is irrelevant now.
  • Close Left R C
  • We have left Reaper's Coast. Whatever comes of this matter, we won't be the one to resolve it.