• A Trial for all Seasons is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest when you find a shrine east to the Driftwood-field Waypoint.
  • Suggested level: 14
  • Act 2


  1. Read the Riddle. You have to hit each statue with a certain element
  2. Hero of Winter - ice
    • Hit the statue with Winter Blast or Hail Strike.
  3. Hero of Autumn - electrified clouds
    • Create a steam cloud by casting fire on a pool of water and cast a lightning spell at the cloud to electrify it.
  4. Hero of Summer - fire clouds
  5. Hero of Spring - pool of blood
    • Use Raining Blood
    • The Elf racial ability "Flesh Sacrifice" does the job.
    • You can also just stab one of your party members to create the needed pool of blood.
  6. Immediately after you solved the riddle 4 challengers will appear. Kill them.
    • Each one of them is immune to their corresponding element.
  7. Collect your Reward


  • 83,100 Experience for killing the 4 challengers.
  • 51900 Experience when you have completed the Quest.
  • A Phoenix Heart that gains Flaming Tongues to the elf eating it.
  • Chest with some decent loot.


  • Encountered Elf Test
    We have come upon an elven structure of sorts in a clearing in the woods - four statues, surrounding a brazier.
  • Solved Elf Test
    We have solved the riddle that was put to us by the brazier, only for four elven challengers to rise up and attack us.
  • Completed Elf Test
    We have defeated the elven challengers, and completed the brazier's test.
  • Failed Elf Test
    We fled from the battle with the challengers, and seem to have failed the the brazier's test as a result.
  • Close Left R C
    We have left Reaper's Coast, without learning the full nature of the elven structure in the woods.