• Wishful thinking is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from a djinn in a lamp that can be found on the beach south west of Driftwood.
  • Suggested level: 10
  • Act 2


We came across a strange, ancient-looking lamp. The Djinn inside will grant your party one wish.


  • Djinn


  1. On a beach southwest of Driftwood, you will find an Ancient Lamp lying on the ground. (x: 190, y:10)
  2. Rubbing the lamp will release a Djinn you can talk to.
  3. Ask him about wishes and he will grant you one.
    • The [Intelligence] option will give the good reward.
    • Any other speech check will result in a bad reward.
  4. The quest will be completed when your wish got fulfilled or the Jhinn is killed.


  • Lamp worth 2000gp
  • Wish for power
    • good: Receive Djinn's Scimitar (One-Handed Sword).
    • bad: Get hit by a lightning strike.
  • Wish for wealth
    • good: Receive Djinn's Gift (Amulet).
    • bad: Receive Djinn's Gift (Amulet) that is marked as stolen.
  • Wish for Knowledge
    • good: Receive a random level 3 Skillbook.
    • bad: Receive the book Children's Tales.
  • Wish for Purge
    • good: Receive a Hail Storm scroll
    • bad: Your whole party gets blinded.


  • Fight Djinn
    An enraged Djinn was inside the lamp. It broke free and proceeded to attack anyone within sight.
  • Djinn Died
    The Djinn is dead.
  • Transferred Bottle To Npc
    Someone rubbed the lamp and unleashed an enraged Djinn that commenced to attack everyone in sight.
  • End Power Good
    We wished for power, and the Djinn offered a magical scimitar.
  • End Power Bad
    We wished for power. The Djinn responded by striking us with lightning.
  • End Riches Good
    We wished for riches, and the Djinn gave us a necklace.
  • Cont Riches Bad
    We wished for riches, and the Djinn gave us a necklace. Something seems odd about it, but we can't fathom what exactly...
  • End Riches Bad
    The necklace that we received from the Djinn turned out to be stolen.
  • End Knowledge Good
    We wished for knowledge, and the Djinn gave us a skillbook.
  • End Knowledge Bad
    We wished for knowledge, and were rewarded with a book of childrens' tales.
  • End Purge Good
    We wished for our enemies to be purged from our sight, and so the Djinn granted us a powerful scroll.
  • End Purge Bad
    We wished for our enemies to be purged from our sight, and so the Djinn cursed us with blindness.
  • Djinn Freedom
    The Djinn is free, and left us its lamp.
  • Imprison Djinn
    We managed to imprison the Djinn in its lamp once more.
  • Close Left R C No Bottle
    We have left Reaper's Coast, still bearing the strange lamp.