• Lost and Found is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from Lagan on the beach outside of the west gate of Driftwood.
  • Suggested level: 11+
  • Act 2


We met a fisherman named Lagan at the waterfront in Driftwood. He lost his wedding ring somewhere nearby, and can't bear to face his wife without it. Perhaps we can help him.


  • Lagan


  1. Talk to Lagan.
  2. Get the copper ring out of the water.
    • you can persuade him to look for the ring himself.
    • you can go and search the ring (at least 18 wits needed).
  3. As soon as the Ring is picked up 6 Slippery Voidlings and one Voidwalken Deep-dweller will appear.
  4. Defeat them and talk to Lagan again.
  5. To complete the quest you will have to give him the ring.
    • You can persuade him that you need a reward otherwise you will get nothing at all.


  • 5000XP
  • Around 55gp when you persuade him for a reward.



  • Agreed Ring
    We told Lagan that we would search for his missing ring.
  • Voidwoken Lagan
    A Voidwoken appeared as Lagan retrieved his ring.
  • Found Ring
    We found a ring. It seems to be infused with a small amount of Source.
  • Voidwoken Player
    A Voidwoken appeared as we retrieved Lagan's ring.
  • Gave Ring
    We have returned Lagan's wedding ring.
  • Kept Ring
    We have kept Lagan's ring for ourselves.
  • Fail
    We could not find Lagan's missing wedding ring.
  • Lagan Dead
    Lagan is dead.