The Lady Vengeance crashed into the mountains outside of Arx after it breached the land of the living once more. You were lucky to survive and are now near to the city named Arx where Dallis is believed to be hiding (Hammerfall).

Before you start your journey to Arx, talk to Gareth right next to the crashed Lady Vengeance and he will give you the Guardian Angel skillbook. If you haven't given Almira the Swonbreaker yet, find her on the Hall of Echoes you can access via waypoint fast travel (The Key To Freedom).



Points of interest: 

1. A bunch of Pilgrims that can be talked to. Nothing really interesting here. South of the camp is a cliff with deathfog on top and a chest with some random loot.

2. The bridge is guarded by a troll that you have to get past. He is weak to fire.

3. The Harbor where you will find a lot Frost-Voidwoken. After defeating them, talk to the dead spirits and learn that the Paladins have risen up against the Magisters, believing that the magisters are secretly allied with the Black Ring.

4. Speak to Lord Dread (Dallis' ship) and get a clue where she went. There is also a chest near the figurehead that can be lockpicked.

5. The blocked way back to Driftwood over Paradise downs. Nothing interesting can be found here besides a chest that can found in far NW corner next to a skeleton. 

6. The way to the city of Arx, where you will find paladins fighting Voidwoken on a bridge. Help them against the Voidwoken and talk to them and the spirits to get more information about what is happening. 

The City of Arx

Talk to the artist right in front of the waypoint to get The Vault of Linder Kemm quest. Your next stop should be the Magister Barracks to the east where you will find Lord Kemm, the leader of the Paladins, who is about to execute a paladin. Step in and try to convince him that she needs a proper trial (The Execution). Talk to her wife as well. 

There are also some sidequests you can do in Arx. Inspect the school on the southeast corner of Arx (School's Out). You will meet Beryl Griff, the wife of the Griff you killed in Fort Joy, talk to her about her husband to get some EXP. She will ask you to remove some squatters from the schoolhouse that you can enter from a backdoor. Talk to the kids first to get the location of the Thieves Guild. Persuade Sister Schori to leave and talk with Beryl again to collect your reward. Tell her that you want to know more about Lord Kemm and you can learn from her that there is a hidden hatch in his bedroom (The Vault of Linder Kemm).

You can venture around the city, but don't go into the cathedral yet. There are vendors for skillbooks and equipment all over the place.

Magister Barracks

Upon entering the Magister Barracks you will see the Paladins searching everything (The Last Stand of the Magisters). Talk to Lord Kemm to learn more about what is happening and he believes that the White Magisters must have left some sort of clue or trail inside the barracks.


Take the stairs to the prison and talk to the paladin you saved from the execution to get more information about Lord Kemm. Talk to the Paladin Warden, he will tell you that a lot of prisoners went missing, agree to investigate this case (The Missing Prisoners).

You will find 2 Paladins guarding a staircase that leads to the sourcerer, Windego. Persuade them that you know her and are the only one who can deal with her. Further down the stairs you will find her behind some magic barrier that can be lifted by overcharging the device right next to it with source (5 source points). 

If you spare her she will tell you that the God King has chosen Lord Kemm over her (The Vault of Linder Kemm). Confronting Lord Kemm about this will just allow him to deny everything.


There is a hidden hatch inside the Barracks.You need to solve a puzzle in order to open it or persuade the spirit you can find in the same room.


The correct combination to open the hatch is related to magister's motto you can read on the plaques hanging in the magister's dorm:

  1. Mind
  2. Body
  3. Society
  4. Loyalty

Get down the hatch and explore the room to the west that is full of traps. There are 4 buttons hidden that needs to be pressed in the correct order to open 2 secret doors.

vault mind

1. Mind

vault body

2. Body

vault divine

3. Society

vault Society

4. Loyalty

Enter the secret room and read the book about Arhu and Kemm, then talk to the spirit of magister Hux. He will tell you that Arx may be threatened by dwarves operating from the sewers. The door to the treasure room is now open as well. Loot everything, but don't bother lockpicking the hatch since you will go to that place now anyway. Make sure you read the report on the Toyseller you find on this level to get the A Craftsman of Dreams and Nightmares quest (Hammerfall)

Book: Report on the Toyseller

Book: Report on the Toyseller

From the vault's western entrance there are staircases leading to the next floor where you will find 3 gheists and Reimond, depending if you let him escape in Act 2. Kill everything and talk to the spirits you will find in this room. There are 3 important books on that big table you can't miss. Make sure you read:

  • Reimond's Journal
  • Magister Dallis' Report
  • Dallis' Private Journal

Check out every desk for additional information and recipes and the display cases if you want some high-quality runes. Report back to Lord Kemm to end The Last Stand of the Magisters quest.


Cast Spirit Vision inside the barracks and talk to the spirit of magister Wainslow. He will tell you about his friend that he brought to the sewer entrance, which is behind that locked door. Destroy the door or teleport over the barricade and jump down to the beach where you can find Wainslow's spirit and dead body. Right next to him is the sewer entrance.

Once inside the sewers go left, past the bars, and you will find a caged child named Karon. Cast Spirit Vision and talk to the spirits of Seekers which will tell you that Karon is The Great Mistake and needs to be sealed forever. You can free Karon by lighting all 5 braziers, but keep in mind that he is really no joke and will transform into a crazed Godwoken. If you let him in the cage and leave the area then he will escape on his own (currently bugged... just light the 5 braziers and he will spawn).

From the sewers waypoint north is a ladder that will take you to the 2nd level of the sewers.


Sewers: 2nd level


  1. The hidden entrance to the Thieves Guild. Talk to big Tomorrah about the unusual painting and she will tell about a lever in Lord Kemm's garden that reveals a secret hatch to his vaults (The Vault of Linder Kemm).The only important thing here is the unusual painting that you can either buy or steal.
  2. The exit to the north leads you to a wine cellar beneath a mansion. Exit the cellar and go outdoors where a Voidwoken attack took place during a wedding ceremony. One of the dead bodies has the sewer key that you will need. Interact with the wedding cake, destroy the toys that will attack you and talk to the Royal Protector to learn more about who sent the cake. Then teleport back to the sewers.
    • Location of the Sewer Key 

      Location of the Sewer Key 

  3.  A suspicious hole in the wall that needs the Sewer Key. Before you go down the stairs make sure your equipment is up to your level since there is gonna be a hard fight, even on easier difficulties.

If you are ready, open the door and go downstairs to meet the dwarven queen Justinia who is being manipulated by her advisor, Isbeil. Talk Justinia out of this by telling her that this wasn't her idea and it's not up to Isbeil to make decisions. If you talked to Windego in the Magister's Barracks Prison tell her that Isbeil is working for the Black Ring.

Isbeil will paralyze your party and put you in a pit that fills with cursed poison. After some time you will be able to set yourself free from her spell and must kill her and her Black Ring members. Talk to Isbeil's spirit to learn more about the God King and why she wants to kill everyone in Arx. Looking south, there is an illusionary wall to your left (the one to the right is a death fog trap) that leads to Queen Justinia. Talk to her and decide to let her go or not, finishing The Secrets Of The Dwarves quest. 

Waypoint back to the city square and an elf will tell you that the Doctor wants to see you and marks his house on your map (Doctor's Orders).

Kemm's Mansion

You can reach Kemm's Mansion by going from the city square, west over a bridge. You will be ambushed by assassins that will have to be dealt with. Once inside the Mansion, talk to Cat the Appraiser and persuade her so she will tell you about the vault that is hidden beneath this mansion. Go upstairs and you will find the bedrooms of Lady and Lord Kemm and a paladin patrolling (you can kill him if he annoys you). Either lockpick the door to Kemm's bedroom or open the door with force. Inside his bedroom, find the safe behind a picture that has some loot and a journal in it. Move the big vase near his bed and a ladder to his secret room will appear. Get up, evade the traps, take the key for his vault and read the journals lying around.

Go back downstairs and explore his garden where a water-filled pool with a hatch inside can be found. Pull the lever north to the pool that can be unlocked with the key you just got from Kemm's secret room.


Lever that drains the water and unlocks the hatch to Kemm's vault

Once inside you will find two paintings of Lucian's Passion where the 2nd panel is missing. Place the painting you got from the Thievery Guild in the sewers between the two paintings and a secret door will open. 

Kemm's Vault: Painting Puzzle part 1

Kemm's Vault: Painting Puzzle part 1

Enter the treasure room and loot everything. Notice the Tome of the God King in the bookshelf. Interact with it to open another secret door.

Kemm's Vault: Painting Puzzle part 2

Kemm's Vault: Painting Puzzle part 2

Before you go down the hatch, take the painting called "Responsibility" with you. Downstairs you will find a statue of the God King, place the painting on the pressure plate to open yet another secret door.

Kemm's Vault: Painting Puzzle part 3

Kemm's Vault: Painting Puzzle part 3

Beneath this hatch, you will find Arhu who can be set free by consuming the spirits around him. Once he is free, 4 source-casting Black Ring cultists will spawn and attack you; Lord Kemm will join the fight on the second turn as well. It's advisable that you take the elevated positions before you help Arhu. Keep your distance to him or he may be killed by accident. 

Once everything is killed, cast spirit vision and talk to Lord Kemm's and Windego's spirit. Arhu will tell you how to survive the Path of Blood that you need to pass in order to reach Lucian's tomb. There is also a Swornbreaker on one of the statues, take it with you.

Final Preparations

Talk to The Toymaker and tell him that Arhu sent you. He will give you an amulet that needs to be charged with source and tells you to get the "Scroll of Atonement" from the 2nd floor of his house. This will end the A Craftsman Of Dreams And Nightmares quest. The Source Amulet can easily be filled with the source fountain you found in Keem's basement where you have freed Arhu, just run over the puddles with the amulet equipped.

You are now prepared for the final chapter of Divinity Original Sin 2. Check every vendor and spend your last bit of gold for equipment and skills since you won't need it anymore. Before you head to the cathedral and take the path of blood, make sure you have done the personal quests of Lohse and The Red Prince.

The Black House (Lohse)

This is where the demon lives that is possessing Lohse (Doctor's Orders). If you have Lohse in your party, Malady will wait at the front door and teleports you into the realm of the demon where you make some moral decisions that will weaken him. Back into the real world, enter the house of The Doctor and talk to him.

Doctor Daeva is no joke and probably the hardest fight you will encounter in the entire game. He will transform into his demon form, that has a ridiculous amount of armor, within his first round. It's advisable to try your best in knocking him down and kill him before he transforms. See (Doctor's Orders) for some tips. Don't forget to check out his basement where you can free prisoners and get some pretty good equipment (needs lockpicking).

The Consulate (The Red Prince)

You can find The Consulate just north of Kemm's Mansion. Make sure you have saved the game since this one can get tricky and it has some bugs. There are cursed Revenants inside that will respawn into the nearest necrofire when killed. You can Bless every surface until there isn't any necrofire to respawn left (some necrofire can't be removed). Another approach could be to sneak or teleport through without aggroing the cursed Revenants (see  The Consulate). You don't really need to collect the keys since the doors have all pretty low HP and can easily be opened by force. From the entrance you can just go right, break the door with a ranged weapon, and teleport through. Enter the garden where you can find a portal (cast spirit vision). Make sure you save before you enter the portal.

Once inside the portal, destroy as many mirrors if not all without leaving the middle platform. As soon as you leave the platform, you will be greeted by old friends that will attack and endless respawn on these mirrors. When every mirror got destroyed, another portal will appear that leads to Sadha. Speak to her and end the Red Prince's personal quest.

Path of Blood

Once you have done everything in Arx, head to the Cathedral and enter the Path of Blood. Make sure you have the Scroll of Atonement and a fully charged Source Amulet you got from the Toyseller with you.

Once inside, the door behind you will close (don't waypoint - the door won't open again). Find the hidden switch and put the amulet and the scroll on it to reveal a hidden hatch.



Beneath the hatch, there is a pipe puzzle that has to be solved. The vault near the altar needs to be filled with blessed blood. Interact with the altar and you will get 3 options:

  • The first option will make the elements flow.
  • The second option will open a menu where the pipes can be arranged.
  • The third option will reset every pipe to its default position.

Arrange the pipes so that every element reach the correct bowl in order to solve the puzzle.


A hidden hatch will appear when the elements flew in the correct bowls.

Beneath this hatch, there is a room full of levers and traps, along with some source puppets. The source puppets need to be killed with Source Vampirism or otherwise, they will respawn endlessly and keep activating random levers. You need to press the levers in order to progress to the final battle:

  1. Potency
  2. Order
  3. Wisdoms
  4. Empathy
  5. Righteousness

Final Battle

Without spoiling too much, here are some tips for the final encounter:

  • Slot source skills that normally need 3 source to cast since they will only cost 1 source point in this fight.
  • Focusing Dallis or her thrall will trigger the 2nd stage where Dallis' thrall will break free and summons a huge kraken.
  • The kraken will summon the Sallow Man, Isbeil, and Lord Kemm. When they die, the kraken will replace them with generic enemies.
  • Take Mass Cleanse Wounds with you because you will receive some nasty debuffs from the Sallow Man and your party will probably stand in necrofire most of the fight.
  • On the 2nd stage, Dallis will turn into a dragon; focus her down to prevent her from transforming.
  • Focus down the kraken or Dallis' thrall and the summons will disappear. Use source skills like Arrow Storm and Meteor Shower when you get the chance.
  • Teleport Dallis' people towards the kraken summons so they may fight each other instead of you.