Delusions of Grandeur is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2


We have entered a vault that lies beneath a blazing sculpture. Now to see what was sealed inside...


  • Brother Robert
  • Rajjarima


  1. Enter the Vault and cast Spirit Vision to reveal the spirit of Brother Robert
  2. Repair the Broken Lever with a Silver Lever Shaft (see The Forgotten and the Damned  on how to get one)
    • Fixing the Lever needs a minimum amount of strength.
    • You can also persuade Brother Robert to open the door.
  3. Enter the inner chamber and you will see a puddle of source and a lizard named Rajjarima in source chains.
    • When one of your party members walk over the source puddle she will initiate a dialog that will end in combat if you fail the persuasion checks.
    • Warning: She will cast  Arrow Storm in her first turn which has potential to wipe your whole party in one go. It's advised to split your party and let them keep distance to each other.
  4. Defeat Rajjarima and talk to Brother Robert again to collect your reward to end this quest.


  • Talked Priest Vault003
    We met the spirit of Brother Robert, who had been guarding a very dangerous possessed being.
  • Open Seal
    We broke the seal of the Blazing Sculpture, revealing a passage leading into a vault.
  • Book Godwoken
    We found a tome that detailed a case of possession. It stated that efforts to save the victim had proved to be futile, and that it was difficult to tell if it was the victim or the demon that spoke at any particular moment.
  • Used Broken Lever
    We found a broken lever that controls entry into the inner chamber of a vault. It seems to be missing a shaft component. We will have to find a way to make the lever functional once more.
  • Repair Lever
    We repaired the broken lever by placing a silver shaft in its mechanism.
  • Used Enchanted Lever
    Some sort of force is preventing us from using the lever. We'll need to figure out just what it is that is hindering us.
  • Brother S V
    One of us consumed the Source of Brother Robert's spirit, ending his control over the lever that controls the inner chamber of the vault.
  • Brother Persuaded
    We persuaded the spirit of Brother Robert to let us enter the inner chamber of the vault.
  • Opened Door
    We managed to open the door leading into the inner chamber of the vault.
  • Godwoken Met
    In the heart of the vault, we encountered a possessed lizard named Rajjarima. She claimed to be a Godwoken, and said that she is destined to become the next Divine.
  • Godwoken Persuasion Fail
    Rajjarima sought to steal some of our Source powers - we tried to resist, but failed. She fed upon our powers, strengthening herself.
  • Godwoken Persuasion Succeed
    Rajjarima sought to steal some of our Source powers, but we managed to resist her. She reacted with anger, and attacked.
  • Destroyed Pillars
    We destroyed the pillars that held the possessed lizard. Now free, she proceeded to attack us.
  • Killed Godwoken
    Rajjamira, a possessed Godwoken, is dead.
  • Left Region
    We have departed from Reaper's Coast, without further exploring this matter.