• Dark Dealings in Blackpits the is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from Paladin Thom Hardwin at Paladins Checkpoint
  • Suggested level: 14-15
  • Act 2


We have been asked by the Paladins of the Divine Order to investigate just what the White Magisters are doing in the Blackpits region.


  • Paladin Thom Hardwin
  • Reimond


  1. Travel to the Blackpits. See on the Rope for directions
  2. Approach the harbor and try to sneak around the shriekers.
    • There is a ladder you can climb to get onto the docks from where you can sneak behind the shrieker and kill him with Source Vampirism.
  3. You will find Reimond and some other magisters in the harbor, interrogating members from the Black Ring.
  4. Confront them and free the black ring members.
    • You will have to fight them. The two White Magisters are level 16 and can be difficult to beat. If you have problems, postponed this quest until you leave the island for act 3.
  5. Search everybody and cast Spirit Vision to get more information about what happened here.
  6. You will have to explore the  Blackpit Mines as well in order to complete the quest.
  7. Return to the Paladin Checkpoint where you will be attacked by Voidwokens.
  8. Help the Paladins by killing everything that's hostile and collect your reward afterward. The Quest ends here.



  • White Magister
    We have the proof we were looking for - the White Magisters have been excavating the Blackpits in search for something, and have been using the Black Ring as part of their search. We need to get this information to the Paladins.
  • Black Ring Ghost
    From the spirit of a Black Ring prisoner, we learned that the White Magisters were using them to search the deepest caverns of the Blackpits for something very important to them. We must find out more.
  • Magisters Talking
    Two White Magisters mentioned how members of the Black Ring were being used as part of their operations in the Blackpits. Perhaps we misunderstood? The Black Ring have long been the sworn enemies of the Divine Order... Either way, we will need more proof.
  • Sent War Owl
    We dispatched a war owl with details of the Magisters' activities in the Blackpits. We should return to the Paladins when we have the opportunity.
  • Saved All Blackring
    We saved a group of Black Ring prisoners from being executed by the Magisters.
  • Saved Blackring
    We saved some Black Ring prisoners from being executed by the Magisters. Not all of them survived, however.
  • Enter Black Pits
    We entered the Blackpits. There was no sign of White Magisters - only Voidwoken and carnage.
  • Magister Dock
    We learned that the docks are restricted - even to the red-cloaked Magisters. We ought to try and infiltrate this area.
  • Enter Oilrig
    We have entered a heavily-guarded area. Whatever it is that the White Magisters are up to, we must be getting closer to it.
  • Met Jonathan
    We encountered a White Magister, Jonathan, but didn't learn anything about their activities in the area. We must continue our search.
  • Enter Docks
    We have approached the docks, which are defended by Shriekers. We ought to look around - carefully.
  • Told Paladin
    We told the Paladins about the Magisters' activities in the Blackpits, and their involvement with the Black Ring.
  • Finished
    We did as the Paladins asked, and received our reward.
  • Paladin Attack
    The Paladins were attacked by Voidwoken as we returned for our reward. We should help them if we want to collect our reward.
  • Paladin Won
    The Paladins defeated the Voidwoken. We should talk to their leader, Paladin Thom Hardwin.
  • Paladin Dead
    Paladin Thom Hardwin is dead. It looks like we won't be able to collect our reward from him.
  • Close Left R C
    We have sailed on from Reaper's Coast without having completed the Paladins' task.