• An Existential Crisis is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest when you approach a grave at Stonegarden [X:625, Y:153].
  • Suggested level: 11
  • Act 2


We heard a voice call to us from a grave within the Stonegarden. Dig up the grave and a skeleton named Crispin will appear, claiming to be a philosopher, and challenges you to a duel of wits.


  • Crispin


  1. If you are undead just select the [UNDEAD] option and you will beat him.
  2. If you don't have an undead you will need to find and read the 3 volumes of The Essence of Existence in Ryker's mansion first.
  3. It is also possible to answer the first question correctly as a [JESTER] or [BARBARIAN], second as [MYSTIC] or [OUTLAW], and third as a [SCHOLAR]. No character has these 3 tags, so some books will need to be read
  4. The interacting party member will explode if you pick a wrong answer.
  5. Answering all 3 questions correctly will complete the quest.


  • 16, 150 XP
  • Skillbook Mass Corpse Explosion



  • Dug Up Grave
    We freed the skeleton from his dirt prison. He claims to be a philosopher, but this doesn't seem entirely plausible...
  • Dug Up Grave
    We read The Essence of Existence, Volume One.
  • Read Book2
    We read The Essence of Existence, Volume Two.
  • Read Book3
    We read The Essence of Existence, Volume Three.
  • Player Exploded
    The personal angst the philosophical skeleton inspired proved fatal.
  • Skeleton Dead
    The skeleton has been killed. So much for his philosophy.
  • Skelly Exploded
    We proved the superior intellect in the skeleton's battle of wits.
  • Close Left R C Secret
    We have left Reaper's Coast without learning more about the mysterious voice we heard in the Stonegarden.
  • Close Left R C Pact
    We have left Reaper's Coast without dealing any further with the strange, philosophical skeleton.