• The Forgotten and the Damned is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from ?? at Bloodmoon Island
  • Suggested level: 15
  • Act 2


After coming across a map, we learned of several hidden vaults scattered across Bloodmoon Island, along with a forge and some sort of archive. (not sure where to find the map but it's not needed to complete this quest)


  1. Find a book called "Ornate Hymnal". You will need a party member with the Scholar Tag to decipher it.
    • The books real name is "The Taming of the Holy Fire" after you decipher it.
    • Can be found in:
      • Jahan's house.
      • Archives on the northeast of the island
      • One of the Blackring members will drop it as well.
  2. Sing the hymn to the 3 statues near the demon camp. They will explode and reveal entrances to 3 vaults.
  3. Two of the hatches will need a Silver Lever Shaft that can be made by putting silver into the ancient forge (X:314, Y:475).
    • One Silver bar can be found right next to it,
    • another one on Body in the unfinished Crypt,
    • and more can be found along the shore.
  4. Each of the vaults will have a small subquest you have to complete in order to finish the quest The Forgotten and the Damned. Click the links to get more information about these quests.
  5. The quest is finished when you have explored all 4 vaults including the unfinished crypt with the silver bar.


  • Located Vaults
    After coming across a map, we learned of several hidden vaults scattered across Bloodmoon Island, along with a forge and some sort of archive.
  • Diary01
    From a scrap of a diary, we learned that the vaults have failsafe measures where the levers to each vault door chain be broken, should the demons within manage to escape their chains.
  • Diary02
    We learned that demons are bound tightly to those they possess, and often react poorly to when their host's body is threatened. If we wish to purge a demon from someone, then perhaps we will need to learn more about its traits and weaknesses.
  • Diary03
    We learned that each imprisoned demon is held by chains that are attached to columns of sorts. We should take care before tampering with such devices.
  • Discovered Ruins
    We discovered that a blazing sculpture concealed a hatch leading downwards. But where does it lead...?
  • Learned About Hymn
    We learned that the High Priest's hymn allows you to enter the vaults. Perhaps the hymn was recorded on a book somewhere.
  • Learned About Books
    We learned that all the copies of the book that bears the hymn - 'The Taming of the Holy Fire' were lost when the island was overrun. It is not clear where they could now be.
  • Learned About Vaults
    We learned about the demonically possessed beings who are imprisoned in the vaults. They are being restrained thanks to the power of the priests who stayed back to watch them - even after death.
  • Found Forge
    We discovered an ancient forge on Bloodmoon Island. It still seemed to be functional, despite the destruction all around it.
  • Discovered Shaft Recipe
    We discovered that priests of Bloodmoon Island had used an enchanted forge to craft silver shafts for the vault levers. The forge should be still somewhere on the island.
  • Learned Hymn
    We have learned 'The Taming of the Holy Fire' - the hymn that will allow us to enter the vaults of Bloodmoon Island.
  • Completed
    We found and cleared all four vaults on Bloodmoon Island.
  • Discovered Statues
    We discovered a strange blazing sculpture that seems to be guarding something. We were unable to uncover its secrets, however.
  • Left Region
    We have departed from Reaper's Coast, and left the matter of the vaults on Bloodmoon Island behind.