• The Wrecked Caravan is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest when you find the wrecked caravan in Reaper's Coast
  • Suggested level: ???
  • Act 2


  • We came across a wrecked caravan on the road. There are mutilated corpses strewn everywhere. What happened here?


  • Dwarven Warmaiden
  • Lilian


  1. Talk to the survivors
  2. Find more information about who raided it inside Wrecker's cave
  3. Come back when you have learned Spirit Vision and talk to the spirits as well
  4. Alternative 1: Talk to Reimond and then to magister Julian.
    • You can choose between telling them that Dwarfs or the Voidwoken attacked the caravan.
  5. Alternative 2: Tell Lohar in the Undertavern about what happened to the caravan.



  • Dwarf Survivor
    We encountered a dwarven warmaiden in apparent shock at the site of the wrecked caravan. She seems to be the only survivor of the carnage that unfolded here.
  • Find Lilian
    The warmaiden mentioned that she works on the orders of a dwarf named Lohar.
  • Sourcerers Taken
    We learned that the caravan's captive Sourcerers were taken away by Voidwoken along the cliffs towards someplace known as 'the wreckers' cave'. There will likely be groups in Driftwood who will want to know about this.
  • Know Of Ghosts Contacts
    We learned that dwarves attacked the Magister caravan, which had been transporting captive Sourcerers.
  • Told Magister
    We told the Magisters that their caravan was destroyed by dwarven raiders.
  • Told Magister Voidwoken
    We told the Magisters that their caravan was destroyed by Voidwoken. The Magisters suspect that dwarves may have deliberately used Source in order to cause the attack.
  • Told Lilian
    We told Lohar what happened to the caravan.
  • Have Source Vision
    We have gained Spirit Vision. If any spirits linger at the site of the wrecked caravan, then we might be able to speak to them and learn more about what happened.
  • Close Left R C
    We have departed Reaper's Coast, and left the matter of the wrecked caravan behind.