• Burying the Past is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from Gareth at Gareth's childhood home (X:380 Y:275),
  • Suggested level: 12
  • Act 2



  • Gareth
  • Jonathan


  1. Gareth will ask you to take care of the Silent Monks inside his childhood home.
    • You have to persuade the Guards
    • You don't have to kill them
  2. If you persuade him to abandon his quest for revenge then the quest will end.


  1. Find the murder of his parents if you don't pursue him to stop seeking revenge.
    • Use Spirit Vision inside the house and speak with the spirits of his dead parents.
    • You can find Jonathan's Gloves laying near a tree just outside the farmhouse
  2. Johnatan is located in the Blackpits.



location of Gareth's childhood home

Location of Gareth's childhood home




  • Start Malady
    Malady told us that we can't set sail without Gareth. We should be able to find him somewhere in Paradise Downs.
  • Start Malady
    Malady told us we cannot leave Reaper's Coast until we locate Gareth. He can likely be found somewhere in Paradise Downs.
  • Gareth Visit Family
    While onboard the Lady Vengeance, Gareth told us that he intended to visit his parents while he had the opportunity. They live in Paradise Downs, located west of Driftwood. Perhaps we'll see him there.
  • Found Digging
    We encountered Gareth in the farmlands outside Driftwood, digging his own parents' graves. What happened to them...?
  • Want Monks Dead
    Gareth asked us to take care of the Silent Monks infesting his childhood home.
  • Persuaded Open Door
    We convinced the Paladins guarding Gareth's childhood home to let me pass.
  • Killed Monks
    The Silent Monks are dead.
  • Know Jonathan
    We discovered that Jonathan issued the order to kill Gareth's parents.
  • Told Gareth Jonathan
    We told Gareth that Jonathan is behind his parents' deaths. Gareth wants him dead. We might be able to help him, or talk him out of it.
  • Hunting Jonathan
    We agreed to kill Jonathan and bring Gareth proof of his death.
  • Convinced Return
    We convinced Gareth to abandon his quest for revenge.
  • Found With Jonathan
    We came upon Gareth in an abandoned farmhouse, hovering over the unconscious body of a White Magister. We should find out what's going on.
  • Killed Jonathan Fields
    Jonathan is dead.
  • Chose Jonathan Release
    We convinced Gareth that Jonathan should live. Gareth is taking him to a safe location.
  • Know Monks
    We've discovered a ransacked farm. Silent Monks are loose inside the farmhouse.
  • Know Search
    We offered to help Gareth find out who killed his parents.
  • Sent Down Dark Path
    We brought Gareth Jonathan's ring. He's left Paradise Downs.
  • Has Jonathan Ring
    We've obtained Jonathan's ring. This will serve as proof of his death.
  • Gloves
    We've found a pair of gloves. Perhaps they belonged to the Gareth's parents' killer.
  • Sucked Parents
    We've met the spirits of Gareth's parents - and consumed their Source.
  • Jonathan Cancelled
    Gareth has had a change of heart. He doesn't want Jonathan dead.
  • Killed Jonathan Gareth Stay
    Jonathan is dead. Gareth will wait aboard the Lady Vengeance.
  • Gareth Dead
    Gareth is dead.
  • Close Left R C House
    We left Reaper's Coast, without helping Gareth with his matter.
  • Close Left R C Jonathan
    We departed from Reaper's Coast, without helping Gareth in his efforts to avenge the deaths of his parents.