• They Shall Not Pass is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from Barin at outskirts of Driftwood.
  • Suggested level: 11
  • Act 2


We met a young boy named Barin on the outskirts of Driftwood. He says that Voidwoken have attacked, and that his mother, the bridgekeeper, is trapped inside their cottage on the other side of the raised bridge.


  • Barin
  • Mari


  1. Get to the other side of the river and find Mari
    • You will have to go through paladin's bridgehead and Stonegarden to reach that spot.
    • You can also teleport across the river.
  2. You will have to fight Voidwoken to rescue Mari
  3. Lower the Bridge and watch her reunite with her son.
  4. Talk to Mari and collect your reward to finish the quest.

Tips & Tricks

  • Don't worry too much about this quest at the beginning. You will come across Stonegarden anyways and there is no timer that can run out before you have to rescue Mari.
  • Inside Maris Cottage you can find a key that unlocks her hatch that leads to a basement that you can explore.



  • Start Wife
    We made contact with Mari, the Bridgekeeper.
  • Task Defend
    We should help Mari to fight off the Voidwoken that are attacking the bridge.
  • Killed Voidwoken
    We have defeated the Voidwoken prowling around outside the Bridgekeeper's cottage. We should return to Mari.
  • Wife Survived
    Mari has survived the Voidwoken attack.
  • Wife Died
    Mari has perished.
  • Mari Low Bridge
    Mari is wounded, and has asked us to lower the bridge.
  • Mari Thank
    Mari was reunited with Barin, and thanked us for our help. She mentioned that we should introduce ourselves to her cousin, Reimond. He is a White Magister in control of the forces in Driftwood.