A Man and his Dog is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2

  • You can acquire this quest from the beggar at Driftwood square
  • Suggested level: any
  • Act 2


We encountered a beggar with a sick dog. What could be afflicting the mutt?


  • Beggar
  • Rusty


  1. Pet the dog and examine its neck and collar.
  2. Turn the collar inside out.
  3. Tell him that his master is hurting him and he will run away. (needs pet pal)
  4. You will meet Rusty again inside the Stonegarden. (1)
  5. ??? investigate the memorial near the center ??? (the quest is most likely bugged as of patch V3.0.143.148 and can't be completet)



Quest: A Man and his Dog Location

Location of Rusty.



  • Dog Sick
    Pet the dog and examine its neck and collar.
  • Helped Dog
    We helped the dog. It expressed its gratitude.
  • Told Pouch
    We helped to ease the dog's pain. In gratitude, it told us about a pouch of gold that its master has hidden on his person.
  • Got Pouch
    We stole the pouch of gold from the beggar.
  • Helped Dog No Petpal
    We helped the dog. It seemed grateful.
  • Extorted Beggar
    We extorted the beggar into giving us some gold.
  • Killed Dog
    The dog is dead.
  • Graveyard Dog Hint
    The beggar's dog was at the Stonegarden. It told us that the memorial near the centre smelled strange - similar to the Fish Works in Driftwood.
  • Close Left R C
    We have departed Reaper's Coast. Whatever came of the beggar and his dog, we do not know.