You have arrived at the Nameless Isle, where the powers of Divinity were said to be kept, within the Council of Seven. The first thing you see are purged corpses, search them and loot a purging wand and a diary. Examine further bodies and you will learn that the Magisters and Black Ring forces are fighting each other over the powers of Divinity.


Act 3: Suggested Levels

Elven Temple

Go straight east and you will find Delorus if he didn't die in Fort Joy. He will tell you that Bishop Alexander is rallying his forces at the Elven Temple. Delorus wants to meet up with Bishop Alexander, but don't escort him yet since he will die in any fight... clear the path to the elven temple first before you escort him there  (A Familiar Face). He will reward you with a pretty good bow. Go further east and you will encounter Magisters and Black Rings fighting each other. If you choose to help the Magisters then they will tell you about Bishop Alexanders camp inside the elven temple as well. There is also the temple of Rhalic and his altar. Interact with the altar and choose your god to intervene or you will be permanently blinded ( only way to remove the blind is to die and be resurrected again).

Find the elven temple northeast where you have to purge the Shriekers with the purging wand that you should have looted from some purged corpses on your way there. You will find Gareth and Alexander fighting each other on the top of the Elven temple (Seeking Revenge). There are many possible outcomes depending on your decision and party composition.

  • Side with Gareth and kill Bishop Alexander and his henchmen. (best loot)
  • Side with Bishop Alexander and just kill Gareth.
  • Persuade Gareth and calm him down by telling him that Bishop Alexander is not his father.
  • If you have Ifan in your group then he will kill Bishop Alexander as part of his personal quest.

If Bishop Alexander died then talk to his spirit and persuade him to get more information on how to enter the academy. Loot his head because it will come handy. If he survives, you will get the An Unlikely Patron quest. There are also some side-quests and companion quests in this area, click the links for more details:

The Black Ring forces right next to the temple can be killed if you don't want to side with them. They will drop a black mirror that will give a hint about where to go next.

The Sallow Man

The Sallow Man can be found inside a cave that is guarded by a troll east to the Temple of Rahlic waypoint. Persuade or kill the troll to enter the cave and you will find an altar (The Sallow Man). There are two possible ways on how you can enter:

  • Put Alexanders head on the altar.
  • Use the Cowl of the True Sight given by Alexandar on the fake wall right behind the altar (An Unlikely Patron)

Progress through the cave until you meet the sallow man. There are again many possible outcomes of this encounter.

  • You can join him and his Black Rings.
  • You can kill him and loot his whole place.
  • You can double cross him and get some decent staff.
  • He recognizes Lohse's demon and will attack you when you approach him with her. 

You can find Windego inside the cave as well as the Shaft of the Swornbreaker.

Gaining Access To The Academy

  • You can enter the Academy either by solving the puzzle near the Lunar Gate waypoint on the most eastern part of the island.
  • There is also a secret back entrance if you jump across the platforms on the lava region south-east of the map.

some secrets you may want to find before entering the Academy:

  • There is a decent sword in the cave you find at the beach on the northern part of the island.
  • If you killed Septa the crab in Fort Joy (Act 1), you can get a shield from talking to another crab near the Temple of Zorl-Stissa. The shield gives good stats, and is recommended for strength-based characters.

The Lunar Gate puzzle

The pillar to each god outside the entrance to the Council Academy must be aligned to either the sun or the moon. You have to find the altars of the gods representing a race to learn heir alignments. Most people consider this task as tedious since most temples are just full of traps or have teleportation riddles. You can skip that part but you should be at least level 17 before you enter the academy.

  • Orc Temple: You have to remove the Black Rings who are teleporting water south of the temple first. Once inside, take the Ancient key from a purged corpse you find by jumping onto the small island on the left side. The next section is full of traps. Either send someone with high wits first or teleport on the ledges where are much fewer traps. You can find a lever (needs the ancient key) in the room with the altar that will open a secret passage where you can find some decent treasures.
  • Imp Temple: There are two Black Ring Wargs playing with a red gem just west of the Lunar Gate waypoint (X:275, Y:824). Either persuade them or kill them to enter the Imp Temple. See Running like Clockwork.
  • Wizard Temple: Can be found in the southwestern part of the map. You have to teleport a few times to uncover the Temple of Amadia waypoint. Climb up the vines until you reach a new area. See Up in the Clouds.
  • Rhelic Temple: Let your god intervene when you interact with the altar or you gonna be permanently blinded (only way to remove that effect is to die and be resurrected)

The solution to The Lunar Puzzle

  • Humans are aligned with the Sun.
  • Elves are aligned with the Moon.
  • Dwarfs are aligned with the Moon.
  • Orcs are aligned with the Sun.
  • Imps are aligned with the Moon.
  • Wizards are aligned with the Moon.
  • Lizards are aligned with the Sun.

Alexander will tell you the solution as well if you helped him in (An Unlikely Patron).
You can also just destroy all 7 pillars.

When you have aligned the gods correctly, put the enternal conductor on top of the power symbol (you can also just use a lightning skill/arrorw) and pull the lever right in front of the Academy main entrance.

The Academy

Before you can enter you have to persuade your companions to help you getting divine instead of themselves. This shouldn't be hard as long as you have done their companion quests.

Inside the academy, there are 3 lighting towers that can be activated to remove the barrier blocking your way to the final encounter. Just interact with them until they start reflecting the laser beam. While you are doing this should also do the two sidequests you will find here:


There are a lot of spirits you can talk to inside the library. Talk to Taryan and help her find her loved one inside the Forbidden Library. In order to enter the Forbidden Library, follow the spirit of Master Tremly and press the switches in the same order he does (Unscholarly Pursuits). Take the storage key you find in the library as well.


Open the door to the storage with the key you found in the library. Enter the portal and you will find yourself inside an arena where you can talk to a bird spirit to get the Proving Ground quest. Kill the Great Guardian of the Arena by either charging one of the phase generators behind the Guardian and line up the reflectors or you just kill him the old-fashioned style. he will drop loot, among which you will find the second piece to the Swornbreaker. Talk to the bird spirit again to end the arena quest.

If you think you are finished within the academy, talk to the Eternal Arbitrary and you will be teleported inside the Arena of the one alongside the other Godwokens.

Arena Of The One

Fighting over divinity is pretty straightforward (and also a bit underwhelming). Your party needs to get to the end faster than the other Godwokens. If Bishop Alexander is still alive then he will be one of your opponents along with any origin characters that died at the end of Act 1 and are now fighting in the name of the God King.

After you fight the Sworn companions (or just skip them by using a jump), you will need to fight two Sentinels. You may approach this fight with the same method- either fighting them and gaining loot and experience, or simply jumping past them to get to the cutscene.

Just kill them all and run to the end and watch the cutscene where Dallis the Hammer suddenly appears and denies you the power. The arena will collapse and you will have to face your raging gods that will attack you with a copy of yourself. The last embodiment of the god that is still in battle will turn into a Source Titan- beware, both the Titan and the embodiments will skip your turn, so be prepared. Both fights are pretty straightforward shouldn't be a real problem and don't forget to loot the titan. You have to escape while still in turn-based combat and avoid the lava dripping down from above that will instakill anyone who comes too close. Just reach the exit with one of your party members and Malady will appear aboard the Lady Vengeance and rescues you and your companions with a trip through the Hall of Echoes. Malady believes that Dallis would likely make her way to Arx where the final chapter of Divinity original sin 2 will take place.

You are given the option to spend the night with one of your companions, if you have any. This brings no consequences upon yourself at any later points in the game.