• A Prize Kill is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from the stag statue in Ryker's mansion
  • Suggested level: 11
  • Act 2


A stag statue sendings you to find treasure.


  • Spirit of a Deer
  • Spirit of a Deer Hunter


  1. Have a character with Pet Pal interact with the stag head on the staircase in Ryker's mansion
  2. Cast Spirit Vision and talk to the stag that appears. It tells you to go to a halo of wildflowers to find treasure.
  3. Go to the wildflower circle [X:541 Y:224] and dig up the stag head in the middle. It has a unique bow.
  4. Talk to the Spirit of a Deer Hunter for some lore.


  • Find the Wildflower halo - the stag's burial place
    The spirit of a stag implored us to seek out a halo of wildflowers.

  • Deer Treasure
    We uncovered the burial place of the stag and the poacher that killed it.