• A Hunter of Wicked Things is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from Demon Hunter Jahan at house in the Cloisterwoods
  • Suggested level: 14
  • Act 2


We encountered a demon hunter, encamped on the shore across from Bloodmoon Island. He appears to have captured a couple of demons.


  • Jahan


  1. Travel to the Bloodmoon island.
  2. find the Advocate at demon's camp. When you talk to him a bunch of Voidwoken will attack you.
  3. Kill the Black Rings standing around a tree at the center of the island.
  4. Kill the Advocate who is neutral to you.
  5. Cast Spirit Vision and talk to the Spirit of the tree to get the name Jahan is after.
  6. (???)


  • Talking to  Jahan will grant you 14,975 XP.
  • ???


  • Got Task Kill Lizard Demon
    The mage introduced himself as Jahan, and asked us to kill a demonic lizard known as the Advocate, that lurks somewhere on Bloodmoon Island.
  • Found The Lizard
    We found the Avocate on Bloodmoon Island, in a camp surrounded by minions.
  • Let Lizard Live
    We decided to let the Advocate live.
  • Killed Lizard Demon
    The Advocate is dead. Jahan will want to hear of our success.
  • Reported Killed Lizard Demon
    We have informed Jahan of the Advocate's demise.
  • Got Task Get Demons Name
    Jahan has asked that we help to uncover the name of an arch-demon that he has been trying to kill.
  • Found Out Demons Name
    We have discovered the name of the arch-demon - Adramahlikh. Jahan will want to know.
  • Withhold Demons Name
    We decided against disclosing the arch-demon's name to Jahan.
  • Told Demons Name
    We told Jahan the name of the arch-demon - Adramahlikh. We also told him that we believe that it currently possesses a certain Doctor Daeva. Jahan said that Adramahlikh, or Daeva, must be confronted in Arx.
  • Accepted SP
    Jahan offered to improve our mastery of Source powers, by drawing Source from demons. We accepted.
  • Declined SP
    Jahan offered to improve our mastery of Source powers, by drawing Source from demons. We refused - demons or not, it did not seem like the right thing to do.
  • Demon Hunter Dead
    Jahan is dead.
  • Close Left R C No Jahan Task
    We departed from Reaper's Coast without helping Jahan.
  • Close Left R C Secret Island
    We left Reaper's Coast without uncovering the secrets at the heart of this matter.