• The Weaver is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from The spider at the second floor of Rykers mansion.
  • Suggested level: ???
  • Act 2


  • Talk to the spider.
  • bring it limbs
  • ?? (probably bugged)



  • Knows Ryker Secret
    We fed a spider named the Weaver, that Ryker held in captivity. In return, it told us that Ryker is beholden to some sort of 'promise' - something that he now wishes to free himself of.
  • More Limbs
    The Weaver promised that if we brought it three limbs, it would reward us.
  • Promised Food
    We agreed to bring the Weaver three limbs.
  • Fooled Spider
    We attempted to trick the Weaver, and it attacked us.
  • Recieved Gift
    The Weaver rewarded us with a pair of silk gloves.
  • No Gift
    We've been had by the Weaver - we did as it asked, but it no longer had a reward for us in return.
  • Spider Dead
    The Weaver is dead.
  • Close Left R C
    We have left Reaper's Coast without dealing with the Weaver any further.