• The burning Prophet is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this in Driftwood bluff.
  • Suggested level: 10+
  • Act 2


We discovered an unusual statue along Reaper's Bluffs, standing guard over a number of torches.


  1. Light the torches near the statue
  2. The quests end when you talk to the Prophet Patryk and collect your reward


  •  Torches Doused
    We tried lighting the torches near the statue, but they quickly flickered out.
  • All Torches Lit
    When we lighting all of the torches in front of the statue, a rainbow appeared.
  • Reward
    The Prophet Patryk warmed us that we follow a path of fire - and offered us a gift to help ease the way.
  • Close Left RC
    We left Reaper's Coast without figuring out the secrets of the statue that we saw in Reaper's Bluffs.