• Strange Cargo is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from Higba who hides in a fish barrel at a house on the fishery compound.
  • Suggested level: any


We found a tinkerer named Higba, hiding in the Fishworks. It's suspected that he's involved in the disappearances of several Magisters. The Tinkerer insists that he's innocent however, and begs for help escaping Driftwood. Perhaps we should help him... or perhaps we should inform on him.


  • Higba


  1. One way to complete this quest is to escort him out of Driftwood. One possible route could be to teleport him on the other docks where the two children are and sneak him out of the northeast gate from there.
  2. Another method to complete this quest is by just telling the magisters about him.


  • Tinkerer Teach
    Higba told us that he knows powerful Sourcerers - the kind who could help us to master our powers. He'll tell us all that he knows, if we help him escape.
  • Tinkerer Know Bomb
    We learned that Higba has a bomb - if he finds himself cornered, he'll detonate it.
  • Tinkerer Trust
    Higba is trusting us to lead him outside Driftwood. We can guide him to safety... or we could betray him for a fat reward...
  • Tinkerer Betrayed
    We informed the Magisters of Higba's location. They will close in on him.
  • Tinkerer Betrayed Bomb
    We informed the Magisters of the Higba's location, but also warned them about his bomb. We then agreed to help lure him to a more remote spot where an explosion can cause less damage.
  • Tinkerer Persuaded Escape
    We told the Magisters that Higba had already escaped, and that there was no point in continuing the manhunt.
  • Tinkerer Killed Factory
    Higba was killed inside the Fishworks.
  • Tinkerer Killed Outside
    Higba was killed on the outskirts of Driftwood.
  • Tinkerer Officer
    Magister Carver is now aware that Higba wasn't responsible for the disappearances, but has refused to call off the seach for him as he's a Sourcerer.
  • Tinkerer Escaped
    We helped Higba to escape from Driftwood.
  • Tinkerer Teach Reward
    Higba provided us with some information about powerful Sourcerers - the kind who might be able to help us.
  • Tinkerer Left
    Higba has successfully escaped from the region. Perhaps we will cross paths with him again some day, or perhaps not.
  • Close Left RC
    We have set sail from Reaper's Coast, without helping Higba.