• Eithene The Trader is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from Eithne inside the Cloisterwoods around  X:165 Y:220
  • Suggested level: 12
  • Act 2


We encountered an undead librarian called Eithne. She is searching for a particular skillbook - a volume that teaches the reader how to make corpses explode.


  • Eithne


  1. Talk to her and don't say that you are from the Black Ring or otherwise she will attack you.
    • If you let Lohse speak to her, Eithen will sense a dark presence and trigger a fight.
  2. She wants you to bring her the skillbook: Corpse Explosion.
    • Combine any necro with any pyro skill book and you will get the needed skillbook
  3. Sell here the skillbook
  4. End the quest by finding her remains in a tomb found inside the Stonegarden. (X:565 Y:131)


  • Has Ingredient A
    We found the book that Eithne seeks. We should return to her.
  • Gave Ingredient A
    We gave the book to Eithne. She thanked me and left, intending to use it to free herself of her undead existence.
  • Trader Dead At R V
    We found the remains of Eithne lying in a tomb.

  • Trader Is Dead
    Eithne is dead. We can no longer give her the book that she sought, though it seems that she no longer needs it.
  • Trader Is Dead Else
    Eithne is dead.
  • Close Left R C
    We left Reaper's Coast without helping Eithne.