The Secrets of Bloodmoon Island is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2

  • You can acquire this quest from ???
  • Suggested level: 14+
  • Act 2


We spoke to a Black Ring spirit. He said that the Ancestor Tree supposedly knows the name of a powerful arch-demon.


  • The Advocate


  1. Find the entrance to the Archives on the Blood moon Island. (TODO add screenshot of location)
  2. When inside the Archives, cast Spirit Vision to reveal the spirit of the Archivist. Talk to her.
  3. Search the Archives for the Archivist's Journal and read it. You will find out that the name of the Ancestor Tree is Eleanessa.
  4. There is a hidden stone door in that room. You will need quite an amount of wits to be to interact with it.
    • Inside the hidden room, you will find the Unusual blade. A lizard party member can translate what it says. (All In The Family)
    • There is also a Tenebrium chest here that will sap one source if you interact with it. It contains the Green Pyramid!
      • The only way to open the chest it to lockpick it.
  5. When you are done with the Archives be sure you have the quest The Advocate you get from the demon camp located on that island
  6. Locate the Tree which is in the middle of the map. It's guarded by many Black Ring soldiers.
  7. Either win the persuasion checks or kill them.
    • If you kill them, The Advocate will spawn there but he also doesn't want you to talk to the tree. Kill him which is also part of the A Hunter of Wicked Things quest.
  8. Cast Spirit Vision and talk to the Ancestor Tree and invoke its name.
  9. The tree thanks you and gives you the task to kill Doctor Daeva, who is possessed by a demon called Adramahlikh. (Doctor's Orders)
  10. ???? ???


  • Blackring Ghost
    We spoke to a Black Ring spirit. He said that the Ancestor Tree supposedly knows the name of a powerful arch-demon.
  • Blackring Letter
    We found a letter with details of the Black Ring's activity on Bloodmoon Island. It seems that they want to prise secrets from a particular tree, and have been ordered to risk passage to the Deathfog-shrouded island in order to acquire them.
  • Archive Known
    We learned that there is an Archive somewhere on the island that likely contains details on how to communicate with the Ancestor Tree. The Archives were kept hidden by the religious order that once called this blighted place their home.
  • Archive Located
    We discovered the location of the Archive.
  • Archive Discovered
    We found the entrance to the Archive.
  • Found Out Trees Name
    We discovered the truth about the Ancestor Tree - how it was once an elf called Eleanessa, who was possessed by a demonic force. A doctor known as Daeva brought her to the island in an effort to save her - he carried out an exorcism against the wishes of his colleagues, which ultimately freed the demon from Eleanessa, killing her in the process. The demon then devastated the island. What came of Daeva is unknown. We should keep this information in mind.
  • Read Black Ring Orders
    I learned how the Black Ring attempted to get past the Death Fog that surrounds Bloodmoon Island.
  • Black Ring Seek Druid
    We learned that the Black Ring forces were intent on finding a druid who could help them complete their task on the island.
  • Talked Lizard
    We spoke to the Advocate - he told us to leave the island. It seemed as though he was hiding something.
  • Talked Mad Tree
    We tried to speak to the Ancestor Tree, but its replies were gibberish. We need to find out how to communicate with it.
  • Lizard Attack
    The Advocate and his minions attacked us for trying to speak to the Ancestor Tree.
  • Found Out Demons Name
    We woke the Ancestor Tree's spirit, Eleanessa, from her nightmare. She told us the name of the arch-demon that had possessed her: Adramahlikh. According to her, the arch-demon took the form of a doctor, and left the island. This must be Daeva - the one who tried to save her, and subsequently vanished. Eleanessa has asked us to find and kill Adramahlikh, if we even happen to cross its path.
  • Told Jahan
    We told Jahan the name of the arch-demon - Adramahlikh. We also told him that we believe that it currently possesses a certain Doctor Daeva. Jahan believes that the arch-demon can be found in Arx.
  • Close Left R C Secret
    We left Reaper's Coast with investigating the Ancestor Tree on Bloodmoon Island any further.
  • Move To Next Category
    We have departed from Reaper's Coast. Perhaps we will be presented with an opportunity to deal with this arch-demon, Adramahlikh, at a later stage in our journey.
  • Start Arx
    Now that we have escaped from the Nameless Isle, we may have an opportunity to seek out Adramahlikh.
  • Close Left Arx Tree
    We have continued on our quest without dealing with the arch-demon.
  • Found Doctor
    We have found the arch-demon Adramahlikh, also known as Doctor Daeva. We ought to kill him.
  • Killed Doctor
    We killed the arch-demon. The Ancestor Tree ought to be at peace now.
  • Tree Thanks
    We received the thanks of Eleanessa, the Ancestor Tree.
  • Close Left Arx Tree Thanks
    We ventured onwards, without learning if Eleanessa was now at peace.