• Stranger In A Strange Land is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from Vilnx Creeva you find inside the Stonegarden.
  • Suggested level: 11
  • Act 2


We encountered the spirit of a lizard, Vilnx Creeva, in the Stonegarden. He was accidentally buried in a human grave and wants his remains to be burned in Eternal Fire that can be found in the lizard part of the cemetery.


  • Vilnx Creeva (Ghost Lizard)


  1. Reveal the Spirit of Vilnx Creeva with Spirit Vision and talk to him.
  2. Agree to help him.
  3. Throw his remains onto the fire you find at the lizard part of the stone garden.
  4. Speak to the lizard ghost and collect your reward.


Vilnx Creeva Location

Vilnx Creeva

Lizard part of the graveyard location

Eternal Fire



  • Found Leg
    We found Creeva's remains in the human grave.
  • Burned Leg
    We burned Creeva's remains in the Eternal Fire.
  • Ate Leg
    One of us ate Creeva's remains. His spirit vanished.
  • Sucked Lizard
    We consumed the Source of the Vilnx Creeva.
  • Lizard Poof
    The spirit of Vilnx Creeva is now at peace, and has departed from this world.
  • Lizard Destroyed
    The spirit of Vilnx Creeva is no more.
  • Close Left R C
    We left Reaper's Coast without helping the spirit of the Vilnx Creeva.