• Bound by Pain (Sweet Shackles of Pain) is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest when you discover the vault during The Forgotten and the Damned Quest.
  • Suggested level: ???
  • Act 2


We have entered a vault that lies beneath a blazing sculpture. Now to see what it conceals.


  • Brother Kalvin
  • Possessed Dwarf
  • Mor


  1. When you have entered the Vault, cast Spirit Vision and talk to Brother Kalvin.
  2. Repair the Broken Lever with a Silver Lever Shaft (see The Forgotten and the Damned  on how to get one)
    • Fixing the Lever seems to need either Finesse or Wits.
  3. Talk to Brother Klavin again and get him to open the door.
    • Intelligence persuasion doesn't seem to work. Intelligence works with 5 points in persuasion.
    • If you fail, you have to consume his spirit.
  4. Enter the Room and you will see a Possessed Dwarf. If you won the persuasion checks he will still be in source chains and begs you to remove them. If you consumed Brother Kalvin's spirit he will already be free.
  5. As soon as the possessed dwarf is free he will attack you.
    • If you want to save him you will have to hit and heal him a few times until the demon will leave his body. You will know when it works when he keeps getting knocked down.
  6. Attack the Demon. After a certain amount of damage is done, the demon will possess a party member next to him.
  7. You will have to hit your party member until he or she is near death and the demon will be leaving his body as well.
  8. Now finish the demon for good.
  9. Go back to Brother Kalvin and collect your reward (if you don't have consumed him).
  10. If the dwarf has survived talk to him as well. He will tell you where he has buried ... some gold...


  • Fighting one of your party members can be taff (he will also use the healing items in his inventory). Try to keep distance and he may not possess one of your party members at all or let him possess one of your weakest party members.


  • Talked Priest Vault001
    We met the spirit of Brother Kalvin, who had been guarding a possessed dwarf in the vaults. He told us that the only way to remove the demon is to torture the dwarf.
  • Open Seal
    We broke the seal of the Blazing Sculpture, granting us access into a hidden vault.
  • Book Adventurer
    We read a book detailing a case of demonic possession. It noted that the demon inhabiting the victim was a creature that fed on pain - attempts to exorcise it only served to nourish it while causing great agony for the victim.
  • Used Broken Lever
    We found a broken lever that controls entry into the inner chamber of a vault. It seems to be missing a shaft component. We will have to find a way to make the lever functional once more.
  • Repair Lever
    We repaired the broken lever by placing a silver shaft in its mechanism.
  • Used Enchanted Lever
    Some sort of force is preventing us from using the lever. We'll need to figure out just what it is that is hindering us.
  • Brother S V
    One of us consumed the Source of Brother Kalvin's spirit, ending his control over the lever that controls the inner chamber of the vault.
  • Brother Persuaded
    We persuaded the spirit of Brother Kalvin to let us enter the inner chamber of the vault.
  • Opened Door
    We managed to open the door leading into the inner chamber of the vault.
  • Adventurer Met
    We met a dwarf at the centre of the vault - he claimed that Brother Kalvin was being merely superstitious, and that he was not in fact possessed. He desperately wanted us to destroy the pillars that held the chains binding him.
  • Destroyed Pillars
    We destroyed the pillars and freed the dwarf. He was possessed by a demon, and attacked instantly.
  • Killed Adventurer
    The possessed dwarf is dead.
  • Saved Adventurer
    The demon within the possessed dwarf was banished.
  •  Left Region

We have departed from Reaper's Coast, without exploring this matter any further.