• The Missing Magisters is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from Magister Carver at Baraks in Driftwood
  • Suggested level: 9
  • Act 2


We have encountered Magister Carver, who is in charge of uncovering the cause of the Magister disappearances in Driftwood. He may have a reward for anyone who can help solve the matter.


  • Magister Carver
  • Stewart
  • Higba


  1. Talk to Stewart, the elf outside the tavern  (left of the main entrance).
  2. Gather evidence
    • Buy some meat stew in the tavern and let an elf eat it.
    • Talk to Higba you find hiding in a fish barrel inside the fireworks. (Strange Cargo)
    • Locate the Loose Plank (use ALT key!) on the kitchen's floor. Take the Magister Seal you will find inside.
    • Cast Spirit Vision inside the tavern and talk to a dead magister. (but don't get caught casting source otherwise you are in trouble)
    • Pickpocket the incriminating note from the cook.
  3. Confront her. If you decide to report her or ask for a bribe she will attack you.
    • If you don't confront her or promise that you won't report her to magister Carver then magister Bellworth will be sent to investigate the cook. Bellworth will die in this encounter and you have to kill the cook in this scenario as well.
  4. Get the note from her dead body if you haven't pickpocket it already.
  5. The Quest will be completed if you show Magister Carver either the ring or the incriminating note as a proof.
    • Alternatively, you can talk to Stewart again and help him and other elves back into the magister ranks.


  • 3000 XP for speaking to Stewart.
  • 4000 XP for killing the cook.
  • 10,000 XP reporting that the cook is dead.
  • 250-300 Gold if you tell Carver that you solved the case instead of letting Stewart taking credit.
  • A choice of loot.



  • Ex Magister Lead
    We met an elf named Stewart, who was once a Magister. He wants to find who is behind the disappearance of his former comrades. He believes that the Magisters' own investigation is going down the wrong track, but doesn't know who the real culprit could be.
  • Harrick Ghost Lead
    Talk to Spirit of Magister Harrick. To be able to see it you need Spirit Vision skill. Check Powerful Awakening quest description for information how to get it.
  • Harrick Ghost Lead
    We encountered the spirit of Harrick - one of the Magisters who went missing in Driftwood. It seems that she was murdered somewhere in the vicinity of the kitchen in the Black Bull tavern.
  • Cook Ate Meat
    After consuming some of the stew being served at the Black Bull tavern, we learned that it is full of meat taken from murdered Magisters.
  • Cook Has Strong Evidence
    We have strong evidence to suggest that Wyvlia, the cook at the Black Bull tavern, is responsible for the Magister disappearances.
  • Cook Confronted
    We confronted Wyvlia, the tavern cook. She has admitted that she killed the missing Magisters, and disposed of their bodies in her cooking pot.
  • Cook Killed
    Wyvlia, the tavern cook, is dead.
  • Cook Found Ledger
    We found a note on the tavern cook's person with details of Magisters she's killed, and others she intends to kill.
  • Cook Found Ring
    We have found a bloodied ring bearing the Magister seal hidden in the kitchen at the Black Bull tavern.
  • Ghost Promised To Return Ring
    We spoke to the ghost of Magister Harrick, and promised to return her highly-prized ring to her comrades.
  • Cook Reported Alive
    We have reported the cook to the Magister leading the investigation into the disappearances, Carver. He has dispatched a subordinate, Magister Bellworth, to the kitchen in order to verify our claims.
  • Cook Reported Tasked
    We have reported the cook to the Magister leading the investigation into the disappearances, Carver. He has instructed us to put an end to her, once and for all.
  • Cook Lead
    We learned from the Higba the tinkerer that the tavern cook, Wyvlia, sold him Magister recipes and items. As he was a Sourcerer caught with Magister property, he soon became the top suspect regarding the disappearances.
  • Chest Lead
    Magister Carver has told us that another Magister has disappeared. It seems that Higba could not have been responsible.
  • Chest Dead
    Higba, the tinkerer suspected to be behind the disappearances of Magisters in Driftwood, is dead.
  • Chest Escape
    Higba, the tinkerer suspected to be behind the disappearances of Magisters in Driftwood has escaped, with our help.
  • Chest Talk
    We have found the Tinkerer - a Sourcerer named Higba - hiding in the Fishworks. He insists that he's innocent, and had nothing to do with any missing Magisters.
  • Ex Magister Told Cook Alive
    We told Stewart that the tavern cook has been killing his former comrades, the Magisters. He has set off to confront her by himself.
  • Ex Magister Told Cook Dead
    We told Stewart that the tavern cook had been killing Magisters, and that we killed her in turn. Realising that we did not yet inform the Magister authorities, Stewart ran away to take credit for our actions.
  • Ex Magister Told Cook Over
    We told Stewart that the tavern cook was responsible for the Magister disappearances. Stewart was disappointed to learn that the mystery has been solved - he had hoped that he'd achieve this by himself.
  • Investigation Over Officer Dead
    Magister Carver is dead. His investigation into the missing Magisters is unlikely to be resolved now.
  • Officer Dead Cook Alive
    With Magister Carver dead, Wyvlia will likely be able to continue serving up her special stew to the patrons of the Black Bull tavern.
  • Magister Lead
    We have learned that the Magisters are investigating several disappearances from their ranks that have occurred around Driftwood. They suspect foul play, and are hunting for a fugitive. Their top suspect is a tinkerer - a Sourcerer named Higba. It might be worthwhile to conduct our own investigation...
  • Investigation Over
    The culprit behind the missing Magisters has been dealt with. The investigation is over.
    • Cook Reported Dead
      We have reported the cook's death to Magister Carver.
  • Close Left RC Murderer Secret
    We have departed from Reaper's Coast without solving the mystery of the missing Magisters.
  • Close Left RC Murderer Alive
    We have departed from Reaper's Coast without bringing Wylvia to justice for what she did.