A Tase of Freedom is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2

  • You can acquire this quest from ???
  • Suggested level: 12-13
  • Act 2


The dwarven thugs mentioned the possibility of another hidden door in the cellar of Mordus' house. We should explore it thoroughly.


  • Desiccated Undead (Xhaxh)


  1. Unlock the secret door in Mordus basement that you can open by unlocking the ornate skull on the wall 13900XP. (1)
    • You can just lockpick it if you have Thievery 5.
    • The regular way to unlock is a gem that can be found in a hatch in Wrecker's Cave on a corpse. You need the amulet from Mordus in order to gain access to this hatch. See Shadow over Driftwood for more info.
  2. Go down the Hatch when you have unlocked the secret passage.
  3. You will find a pressure plate puzzle.
    • Cast Spirit Vision to see a hint.
    • Press the plates like shown in the Screenshot and the door will open. (2)
  4. You will encounter a Lich called "Desiccated Undead" tied to a strange machine that Mordus used to drain his source.
  5. Pressing the green button will Free the Lich and spawn several skeletons. Defeat the skeletons to obtain a reward.
    •  You can choose between some skill books or increase your source but this option will also result in a random skill book.
  6. The lich will leave the basement to the Cloisterwoods (X:222, Y:200) and be killing the guards on his way.
  7. This time, you will find him feasting on the bodies of innocents to replenish his source.
  8. Attacking him will spawn several dwarf skeletons. Defeat them all and you can choose if you want to kill the Lich or spear his life.
    • Killing him will end the quest and he will drop " Xhaxh's Staff of Parasitic Decay" and 18750XP.
    • You chose to not to kill him but he will keep killing innocents.
    • If you have a spare source point you can sacrifice it so he won't have to feed on any more innocents. This will net you 4175XP and will give you the task to retrieve his soul jar.
  9. You will find him again at the entrance to the ruins where Hannag is located.
    • If you didn't give him some source he will be feasting on a child and you will get a party dialog. Attack him, he will summon 4 parastic hearts (44900XP) and kill him for good and get  22450XP XP and the "Xhaxh's Staff of Parasitic Decay". 
    • If you gave him some source, he will be asking for your blood to complete his ritual. After its finished, he will spawn a chest with good loot and leave (4175XP).
  10. The Quest is finished after he got killed or left.

Tips & Tricks

You will get the most out of this quest if you let him live until he spawns his chest and then killing him (104,175 XP).


mordus basement

1. Ornate skull in Mordus basement

Taste of Freedom - Solution to the Puzzle

2. Solution to the puzzle

Xhaxh's Staff of Parasitic Decay

Xhaxh's Staff of

Parasitic Decay



  • Skull Lock
    We have found an ornate skull embedded in the wall. It seems to be missing one of its yellow gemstone eyes.
  • Found Eye Gem
    We have acquired an unusual gem, decorated to look like an eyeball.
  • Met Lich
    We have found a strange crypt, unlike anything we've else seen in Driftwood. A skeletal creature is being held captive within it - a Lich.
  • Found Other Secret
    We placed the eyeball gem into the ornate skull - a secret passageway was revealed to us. We must see what lies beyond.
  • Unlocked Skull
    We managed to lockpick the ornate skull - a secret passageway was revealed to us.
  • Found Puzzle
    We found a strange puzzle of glyphs and pressures plates. What could possibly need such elaborate protection...?
  • Lich Panel
    The Lich wants us to tamper with a strange panel nearby.
  • Lich Tale
    The Lich told us that it was Mordus' prisoner. Mordus was feeding off its Source, subjecting it to great pain in the process.
  • Freed Lich
    We freed the Lich from its bondage. It quickly fled, professing to be hungry...
  • Killed Lich
    We killed the Lich.
  • Lich Eating
    We came across the Lich, feasting on corpses along Reaper's Bluffs.
  • Lich Child
    While exploring Cloisterwood, we encountered the Lich once more. This time, we found it gorging itself on the corpses of children.
  • Lich Eating First
    We came upon a skeletal creature - a Lich - along Reaper's Bluffs, feasting on corpses
  • Lich Child First
    We encountered a skeletal creature - a Lich - in the Cloisterwood. It appeared to be feeding on the corpse of a child...
  • Spared Lich
    We spared the creature and allowed it to finish its meal. Maybe there's something in this for us...
  • Cache Shown
    We allowed the Lich to continue feasting. Now fully strengthened, it retrieved its Soul Jar and left us the remainder of its cache. What will we find there...?
  • Fed Lich SP
    We gave the Lich some Source. It offered to show us its cache.
  • Close Left R C Still Secret
    We have departed Reaper's Coast. Perhaps there were more secrets to uncover beneath Mordus' house - but it seems that we will never find out for certain now.
  • Close Left R C Lich Loose
    We have departed from Reaper's Coast. What came of the Lich, we do not know...