• Opposite Attract is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from Betty the Turtle at the basement of Ryker's mansion
  • Suggested level: 11
  • Act 2


We met a turtle named Betty. She lives in Ryker's cellar.


  • Betty the turtle
  • Rory the rat


  1. Talk to Betty with Pet Pal. She will ask you to lure Roy the rat to her so she can whisper something in his ear.
  2. Talk to Roy the rat.
  3. Build a chain of food from the top of the stairs to Betty. Roy will follow the food and unite with Betty.
  4. The quest is finished when you have talked to Betty again.


  • 7725XP when you unite Roy and Betty
  • A happy turtle



  • Met Turtle
    We met a turtle named Betty. She lives in Ryker's cellar.
  • Talk Turtle
    We met a turtle named Betty in Ryker's cellar. She told us that Rory the rat won't slow down long enough for her to profess her love.
  • Mouse Hungry
    We met Rory the rat. We didn't chat for long, but he sure does seem hungry...
  • Turtle Ideas
    Betty suggested we might lure Rory over with some food.
  • Turtle Success
    We united Betty the turtle and Rory the rat. May their love be everlasting.
  • Turtle Died
    Betty the turtle has died.
  • Quest Failed
    We did not solve Betty's problem.
  • Mouse Died
    Rory the rat is dead. May he rest in peace.