• Burial Rites is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You acquire this quest when you find the Elven Encampment.
  • Suggested level: any / 11+
  • Act 2


  1. To complete this quest you have to enter the Encampment

    • You can just enter if you have an elf in your party.

    • You can enter when you win the persuasion checks to enter.

    • If Saheila survived ACT 1 she can be found inside the Sawmill in Roost's room. Escort her to the encampment and you are allowed to enter.

  2. Perform the Ritual. (ToDo: get the correct dialog options)


  • Arrive Camp
    We have come across an elven encampment.
  • Allowed Camp
    We have been granted entrance into the elven encampment.
  • Join Ritual
    We participated in the burial ritual that the elves were carrying out.
  • Performed Ritual Well
    The elves approved of how we comported ourselves during the ritual.
  • Quest Reward
    Quest Reward
  • Performed Ritual Mediocre
    It seems that we performed adequately during the burial ritual. The elves were not impressed, but it could have been worse.
  • Performed Ritual Poorly
    The elves disapproved of our conduct during the burial ritual.
  • Tovah Dead
    Tovah, the leader of the elves at the encampment, is dead.
  • Did not Participate
    We did not participate in the elves' burial ritual.