• Treated Like Cattle is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from two cows near at a farm north of Driftwood or by finding the key to the witch's house key.
  • Suggested level: 12-16
  • Act 2


We came across a pair of cows that were in fact two people who were polymorphed and enslaved by a witch. They want to be turned back into their human form.


  • Alice Alisceon (witch)
  • Mabel (Cow)
  • Geraldine (Cow)


  1. Find the key on a rock near the witch's house.
  2. Inside, pick up the witch's eye that you need to brew a potion that turns the cows back into their human form
  3. Get into the cellar of the witch's house.
    • You can lockpick the hatch with thievery 4.
    • If you don't have thievery you have to find and fight the witch north of the Cloisterwood to get a key. She is level 15 and pretty strong.
  4. Once inside the cellar, you will find many exploding rats.
  5. Attack the holes in the walls to stop them from spawning and activate the lever in that room to open the door that is closed.
  6. Pick up another Witch's Eye.
  7. Get the witch's recipe book from the giant frog named Zppt.
  8. You will need both a [Scholar] and a [Mystic] tag to decipher the recipe book.
  9. Make 2 Witch's Potions. The recipe is  "Augmentor + Boletus + Witch's Eye".
  10. Give the Witch's Potions to the two cows to end the quest.


  • 26,900XP for curing the cows
  • 80,700XP for completing the quest without asking for a reward.
  • Persuading Geraldine will reward you with the location to her secret stash.
  • It seems that persuading them for rewards is lowering the experience you can get for completing the quest.


  • You can drink Witch's Potion and turn into a cow yourself. You have to kill and revive yourself to get the curse removed.
  • Geraldine is actually male.
  • There are many reports that the quest is bugged and cant be properly finished.

Tips & Tricks

  • The witch does a huge amount of AOE damage. Try to split your group when you fight her. Using fire resistance potions and boosting your magic resistance before you engage the fight can be helpful as well.


Location for the key to the witch's house

Key location



Corpse of Alice Alisceon fight by CmdrSAMU 


  • Knows About Poly
    We learned that the witch possesses a potion that can transform her beast victims back into human form.
  • Witch Outside
    The witch's house is wrecked and empty.
  • Witch Fled
    We've been told that the witch fled west into the woods as Magisters were chasing her.
  • Cow Rat
    The cows mentioned something about rats. It might be worth looking into.
  • Has Potion
    We found a single bottle of the witch's potion.
  • Saw Witch
    The witch, Alice Alisceon, is dead.
  • Gave Potion To000
    We gave a potion to one of the cows, Mabel, without asking for anything in return.
  • Gave Potion To001
    We gave a potion to one of the cows, Geraldine, without asking for anything in return.
  • Kept Potion
    We decided to keep the potion for ourselves.
  • Drank Potion
    One of us drank the potion and was transformed into a cow.
  • Cows Are O K
    The matter seems to have been resolved by someone else. There's nothing more for us to do here.
  • Cows Are Dead
    The two polymorphed cows are dead.
  • Has Witch Ingredient
    We found a particularly disturbing ingredient for the witch's brew - her own eyeball.
  • Has Recipe Book
    We've learned how to brew the recipe that will turn the polymorphed cows back into humans.
  • Cows Fled
    The polymorphed cows have fled.
  • Saved Cows
    Both of the polymorphed cows have been restored to their human form.
  • Gave Potion To000 With Reward
    We gave a potion to one of the cows, Mabel. It turned back into a woman. We received a recipe book from her. She will now resume her life as a recipe merchant, back in Driftwood.
  • Gave Potion To001 With Reward
    We gave a potion to one of the cows, Geraldine. It turned back into a man. We forced him to tell us where his hidden treasure can be found - near a windmill in the Meadows.
  • Close Left R C No Cow
    We have left Reaper's Coast without aiding the polymorphed cows.
  • Close Left R C One Cow
    We have left Reaper's Coast, leaving one of the polymorphed cows trapped in bovine form.