Thievery is a civil ability in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.

  • Thievery increases your lockpicking and pickpocketing skills.
  • To lockpick, right click -> lockpick on the chest or door you want to open
  • To pickpocket NPCs you need to be in sneak mode (default 'c') and click on the person you want to pickpocket.

Pickpocketing General Information

  • Your Thievery level determines the maximum weight you can steal. If you're above that limit, you will get caught. Pickpocketing limits per Thievery levels are:
    1. 2kg / 300gp
    2. 4kg / 450gp
    3. 6kg / 1100gp
    4. 8kg / 2350gp
    5. 10kg / 3800gp
    6. 12kg / 6000gp
    7. 14kg / 9400gp
    8. 16kg / 14800gp
  • You can not pickpocket the same NPC with the same party member twice.
  • NPCs will have new items in their inventory when you level up.
  • Children will never search for the thief.
  • Stolen items can be worn in front of NPCs and sold to NPCs they were stolen from.
  • The Line of sight NPCs have can't be blocked by objects. Only walls will block the LOS.
  • NPCs will search every party members inventory even if they are far away.
  • You can persuade NPCs and stop them from searching for the thief. 
  • Pickpocketing process will end prematurely if something cancels your sneaking. Like another NPCs spots you or your target moves out of melee range.
  • Pickpocketing consumables from NPCs will make them not able to use them in a fight.
  • Some NPCs require a minimum amount of thievery to be pickpocket at all.

Pickpocketing Tips & Tricks / Stealing Guide

  • A good method to steal only a few items is to drop them to the ground right after you have stolen them. That way the NPCs that will be searching your inventory won't find anything and will let you go.
  • In Act 2 and onwards, you can respec every party member and easily pickpocket every NPC 4 times. You could also do an infinite amount of pickpocketing if you hire new henchmen.
  • You can block NPCs with Object (including party members) to prevent them from moving around giving you more time to pickpocket. You can also just talk to the NPC with another party member.
  • You can manipulate the LOS of all other NPCs if you talk to them with each party member individually.
  • You can use Teleportation to move Chest out of NPCs line of sight.
  • You can even teleport some NPCs without triggering a fight (mostly quest related NPCs).
  • You can move the chair that an NPC is sitting when you have enough strength or telekinesis.
  • If you attempt to steal a lot of items from an NPC, decide beforehand which one you want to steal since moving NPCs can limit the time you can steal.
  • You can escape easily by just waypoint travel away.
  • You can use the spell Chicken Claw to turn the target into a Chicken. The chicken will naturally run away thus out of the LOS of other NPCs, the NPC doesn't trigger a fight and won't lose attitude.


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