Something was amiss on the transport ship that carried me to Fort Joy. A Sourcerer transportee was found dead, and our Magister handlers were on edge. Eventually the killer was revealed - a Sourcerer witch who had seemingly lost her mind. She remarked that I was unique somehow - unique enough to warrant her killing me also. She summoned a huge waterborne Voidwoken that began to attack the ship and kill all onboard. I had to take my chances on the open sea.

On the verge of drowning, a strange vision came to me - a powerful presence, and an oddly familiar voice. It stated that it was not my time to die, for I still had a great task before me. Now I awaken on the shores of Reaper's Eye, with Fort Joy looming ahead. It must have been blind luck that I survived, surely. Why would someone like me benefit from Divine intervention?




In Fort Joy, I learned that the Magisters were willing to do anything to stop the Voidwoken - even resorting to the use of horrifying ancient weaponry against anyone who opposed them. I had to escape.

Reaper's Eye proved to be rife with danger, but it also presented me with the most unlikely of allies - the gods themselves. As I tried to escape from the island, a vision of my god came to me. I was declared their champion - a Godwoken. It would fall to me to save the gods, and the world itself, from the forces of the Void. I had to master the powers within me in order to do this - the powers of Divinity. The vision ended, but I was imbued with a new power. What I was told must be true.

I escaped aboard a captured Magister flagship, the Lady Vengeance. With Reaper's Eye behind me, I could pursue the great mission that I had received.