• The Teleporter is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can obtain it from Gawin at Fort Joy Ghetto
  • Suggested level: 4+


During your exploration of Fort Joy Ghetto, you will be accosted by a mysterious figure named Gawin who suggest that he can help you escape with teleportation equipments.


  • Garvin


  1. Go to the beach and acquire the Gloves of Teleportation by defeating some Crocodiles.
  2. Return to Gawin and tell him you have the gloves.
  3. Follow him to the Hidden Alcove.
  4. Teleport Gawin to the ledge below (not the beach!) and then to that mossy rock across the gulch. (he will betray you)
  5. Follow him to Fort Joy Harbour.
  6. The quest is finished when you find his dead body on the Harbour.


  • 600xp for the character that finished the quest
  • 120xp per Crcodile for the whole party
  • Gloves of Teleportation (very useful)


  • You can Teleport Garwin back while he is taunting - killing him rewards you with Gawin's Robe


  • Drop Glove
    One of the crocodilians was digesting the glove. It must be worn in order to benefit from its magical properties.

  • Alcove
    We are now able to use teleportation. Gawin will meet us at a quiet alcove along the beach in order to execute his escape plan.
  • Puzzle Start
    We need to help Gawin teleport himself out of Fort Joy.
  • Ending #1: Success
    We successfully teleported Gawin out of Fort Joy, but he abandoned us. We will have to find another way to escape.
  • Ending #2: Fail
    Gawin will not be able to help us escape. We will have to find another way to regain our freedom.
  • Ending #3: Opportunity Lost
    It seems as though we're out of luck - somebody else must have already helped Gawin.
  • 7. Close Left Fort Joy
    We have managed to escape without the help of Gawin.