• Signs of Resitance is a main-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • Obtained when Dallas executes Atusa at the entrance of Fort Joy.
  • Suggested level: ???




  • Atusa
  • Verdas


  1. Get to the Fort Joy Prison and find Verdas in on of the cells.
  2. Verdas will tell you that you have to find the Seekers.
  3. Get the letter from Dallas room, which is behind a locked door on top of the ladder in Fort Joy Ghetto that you can kick down (you need Teleportation to get to it), to learn more about the Seekers.
  4. Find the Seekers at the Sanctuary of Amadia after you escapedFort Joy.

  5. Save their leader Gareth that you find in the castle ruins. (Most Dangerous When Cornered)

  6. Get the Purgin Ward from the Dark Cavern north of Amadia.

  7. Remove the Shriekers blocking your way.

  8. Report back to Gareth and he will tell you if Malady will help you or not.

  9. ???