• The Imprisoned Elf is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can obtain it:
    • from Griff at the Fort kitchen
    • from Saheila In the Caverns
  • Suggested level: 3+


Griff captured an Elf, he wants you to find, what happened to his supplies in order to free the Elf. 


  • Amyro
  • Griff
  • Saheila 


  1. Take the path South out of the town and go to the beach south to find the Dreamer Lizard
  2. Convince him to give back the supplies as a lizard or with The Red Prince
  3. Go back to Griff
  4. Either rat out Stingtail or fight Griff and his crew
  5. Free Amyro