• Lohse's companion quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • See The Thing Inside if your main character is Lohse.
  • You can acquire the quest when Lohse joins your party. She's in Fort Joy, standing near the giant statue to the Divine in the center of town.
  • The journal entries for accepting or decling Jahan's assistance in Act 2 are bugged; if you accept his help, you will get an entry saying you refused, and vice-versa.  This is merely an error in the journal and has no impact on the plot.


A musician named Lohse joined our party - and brought whatever's living inside her head with her.


Act 1

  1. find the Caverns and speak with Saheila and then let Lohse talk to her.
  2. She will attack Saheila. Fight Lohse to knock her down and then speak with her.
  3. Another entry can be obtained in the Prison of Fort Joy. There is a dwarf in a cell you can talk to. He will tell suggest that you meet his master Jahan you can find in the Cloisterwoods (act 2).

Act 2

  1. In Act 2 you can find his master - the Demon Hunter Jahan - in the Cloisterwoods. Talk to him and he will tell you to go

    to the Bloodmoon island and kill The Advocate for him.

  2. The exorcism will fail but you will learn the demons name and that he is hiding in Arx. (Act 4)

Act 4

  1. -
  2. -


  • Saheila Lives
    Whatever's inside Lohse overtook her body and tried to kill the elf Saheila. We managed to wake her up before she did any permanent damage.
  • Saheila Dies
    Whatever's inside Lohse overtook her body and murdered the elf Saheila. Whatever this is, it might be stronger than Lohse thinks.
  • Jahan Apprentice
    We met the former apprentice of a demonologist, who said his old master might be able to help Lohse. He said we could find him to the north of Driftwood.
  • Start LV
    A spirited musician named Lohse joined our party - and brought whatever's living inside her head with her.
  • LV Unselected Close
    We lost Lohse onboard the Lady Vengeance during Dallis' assault against the ship.

Act 2

  • Act2 Start
    Malady told Lohse that a demonologist could help her with the thing in her head. He was last seen to the north of Driftwood.
  • Met Jahan
    Lohse met Jahan at last. He said he could help her, but first we'll have to do him a favour in kind. He's asked us to find and kill someone called 'the Advocate' on a haunted island.
  • Jahan Warning
    Jahan took us aside and warned us that Lohse is dangerous. He said that she can never be permitted to ascend to Divinity... and that I should be prepared to kill her if she tries.
  • Jahan Denied
    We met Jahan, but I thought it best that Lohse didn't speak to him. She was displeased, to say the least.
  • Killed Advocate
    The Advocate is dead. Jahan will be pleased - we should return to him.
  • Jahan Quest Part1 Done
    In return for our help with the Advocate, Jahan helped us to further develop our Source powers. He said we now need to find out the name of the demon haunting the Bloodmoon island.
  • Jahan Told Same Demon
    Jahan told Lohse that the demon he seeks is the same as the demon living in her head. Once we find this demon's name, he can attempt to exorcise it from Lohse's mind.
  • Learned Demon Name
    I discovered the name of the demon haunting the Bloodmoon Island: Adramahlihk. That means Jahan can perform the exorcism!
  • Failed Jahan Exorcism
    The exorcism was a failure. Jahan couldn't help Lohse, but he asked to travel with us to Arx, where he says the demon is hiding.
  • Jahan L V
    We accepted Jahan's offer. We'll travel to Arx and hunt down the demon together.
  • Jahan No L V
    We declined Jahan's offer. We'll travel to Arx and hunt down the demon ourselves.
  • Malady Tells Demon Arx Name
    Malady told us Lohse's demon resides in Arx. While we seek Dallis, she'll try to find a way for us to weaken him.
  • Malady Tells Demon Arx No Name
    Malady told us Lohse's demon resides in Arx. We should be wary.

Act 4

  • Act4 Start
    We still haven't routed the demon from Lohse's mind. There's no telling how much longer she might remain in control of herself.
  • Weakening Suggested
    We met Malady near the demon's house. She found a way to travel to Adramahlihk's home plane, where we might be able to do something to weaken him.
  • Weakening Denied
    We decided not to travel to the demon's home plane. We'll face him as-is - and best him, too.
  • Weakening Selected
    We decided to travel with Malady to the demon's home realm. There, we'll find a way to weaken him.
  • Weakening Left
    We travelled to the demon's home plane but left before we finished our business there. Lohe will need to face the demon without having weakened him.
  • Weakening Succeeded
    Lohse made the decision to snuff out the souls the demon kept within his home plane. He'll be weaker now - easier to kill.
  • Weakening Failed
    Lohse couldn't bring herself to snuff out all those souls. The demon will remain as strong as ever, but her conscience remains intact.
  • Doctor Possessed
    We couldn't defeat the demon in time, and we lost Lohse. The music has gone quiet for good...
  • Doctor Defeat
    We've done it! The demon is dead, and Lohse is free!
  • Gen Leave Party
    Our differences were too many; Lohse decided to leave the party for good.
  • C O S Submitted
    Lohse wanted to ascend to divinity at the Well of Ascension. I agreed and will stand beside her.
  • C O S Allowed
    Lohse decided I should be the one to seek Divinity and remained an ally at the Well of Ascension.
  • D N O T S Not Love
    Lohse and I shared a passionate night together. She even told me she loves me. Although she's special to me, I didn't quite return the sentiment.
  • D N O T S Love
    Lohse and I shared a passionate night together. There, among the stars, it became clear to both of us that we're in love with each other.
  • Crypt Allowed
    Lohse decided that I should be the one to seek Divinity. I won't let her down.
  • Crypt Denied
    Lohse insists that she should become Divine. I have no choice but to face her in combat.
  • C O S Opposed Close
    Lohse decided to fight me for the sake of Divinity. Our alliance is at an end.
  • Crypt Divine
    Lohse wanted divinity for herself. I think she'll rule well, and I am proud to support her.
  • Lohse Dead
    Lohse is dead.