• The Purged Dragon is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can obtain this quest from Slane the Winter Dragon at The Frozen Beach on the southeastern part of the map.
  • Suggested level: 6+




  • Slane the Winter Dragon
  • Radeka the Witch


  1. Destroy the chains around the winter dragon and he will ask you to kill Radeka The Witch and bring her wand back to him.
  2. Explore the beach further to the south and find a skull-shaped cave entrance.
  3. This cave is full of traps. try to explode everything/teleport over them.
  4. Radaka the Witch awaits you at the end of the cave.
  5. She will spawn 4 allies to help her and it's not an easy fight.
  6. Loot the purging wand from her.
  7. Go back to Slane the Winter Dragon and finally free him.
  8. He will help you to destroy The Shriekers.

Tips & Tricks

  • Loot the Blood rose growing inside the cave. Combining an empty potion bottle with the Blood Rose will result in a potion that gives +1 to every stat permanently.
  • The quest can't be fully completed if you already have killed all the Shriekers blocking the Harbor.