•  Unscholarly Pursuits is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from Taryan Graye found inside the academy library
  • Suggested level: 17
  • Act 3


The spirit of a Godwoken initiate called Taryan Graye desires to know what happened to her lover, Raedalus. Perhaps we can help her.


  • Taryan Graye
  • Raedalus


  1. Talk to Taryan Graye's spirit inside the library and she will ask you to find her lover named Readalus.
  2. You can find her lover inside the Forbidden Library which is located behind a closed door close to her.
  3. You can either lockpick this door or solve a puzzle by following Master Tremly activate the switches in the following order:
    1. Activate the pressure plate in the middle of the room.
    2. Press the button on the eastern pillar.
    3. Interact with the Unusual Tablet found south-east of the room.
      unusual-unusal Tablet
    4. Pull the lever on the right side of the closed door.
  4. Enter the Forbidden Library.
  5. Talk to the spirit of Readalus and tell him to return to Taryan Graye.
  6. Talk to Taryan Graye again to complete the quest.


  • 27,900 EXP + 41,850 EXP for discovering the Forbidden Library.
  • 69,750 EXP and a choice of common quality items upon quest completion.


  • Start
    Open Door
    We opened the door to the Academy Chancellor's secret chamber.
  • Fail Purge Missing Student
    We consumed the Source of Raedalus.
  • Fail Purged Quest Giver
    We consumed the Source of Taryan Graye.
  • Friend Info
    We learned that somebody may have been killed in the Forbidden Library.
  • Found Student
    Raedalus was killed by Lucian the Divine. He and Taryan can be reunited as spirits.
  • End
    The reunited lovers thanked us.
  • Close Left C O S
    We have departed from the Nameless Isle without helping Taryan Graye.