• The Sallow Man is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from looking into a black mirror that you can form the body of a Black Ring member.
  • Suggested level: 16
  • Act 3


  • Sallow Man
  • Bishop Alexandar


  1. To complete the quest you will have to get Alexandar's head first. You can find him in the Elven Temple. (Seeking Revenge)
    • Dont't eat his head or you won't be able to complete this quest.
  2. Get to the cave just east of the Temple of Rhalic where you will find a troll guarding the entrance.
    • You have to either persuade or kill the cave trolls
  3. Inside the Cave, you will find an altar where Alexandar's head has to be placed to progress.
  4. You will find the Sallow man, talk to him and give him Alexandar's head
    • Warning: if he sees Lohse he will recognize Adramahlikh an instantly starts to attack you and thus making the quest impossible to complete.
  5. If you choose to "claim your reward" you will have to select a new Tag at the cost of an old one.
    • "more barbarity in your nature" = Barbarian
    • "a better sense of humour" = Jester
    • "inner yearning for an outlaw spirit" = Outlaw
    • "always fancied yourself as something of a scholar" = Scholar
    • "you wanted to be a soldier" = Soldier
    • "knowledge of the mystical world" = Mystic
    • "recognized for your innate nobility" = Noble
    • Turn away if you hare happy with your current background.


  • 100,300 XP
  • Change of your Background tags


Tips & Tricks

  • He will reward you with the staff called "And Stay Down" if you tell him you would help him to purge other Godwokens.
  • There are a few Chest and Large runes inside the cave. One of the Black ring members drops the key for the door blocking your way further down the cave where you will meet Wendigo again.
  • Killing him and his henchman will get you around 265,050XP.
  • Interact with the Black Mirrors.


  • You can side with the sallow man and attack your party members.




And Stay Down



  • Start Mirror
    The Sallow Man wants us to bring him the head of Bishop Alexandar. We can report our success at his hidden lair, in a cavern at the base of the mountain.
  • Start Captain
    A Black Ring captain ordered us to head towards the Elf Temple in order to help with the ongoing fighting there.
  • Start Almira
    Almira has told us of the Black Ring Leader, The Sallow Man. We should seek out this being in his cavern lair. Should we encounter any Black Ring forces along the way, we should pretend to be her thralls.
  • Camp Location
    We learned that the Black Ring have been using a cave near the Human Temple for supply purposes. We should investigate.
  • Alexandar Location
    We’ve discovered that Bishop Alexandar resides here, on the Nameless Isle, in the Temple of Tir-Cendelius.
  • Alexandar Dead
    Alexandar is dead. We should retrieve his head and make contact with the Sallow Man, either in person or by using a Black Mirror.
  • Ate Alexandar Head
    One of us ate the head of Alexandar. Now we won't be able to prove to the Sallow Man that we fulfilled his request.
  • Return Alexandar Head
    We brought the head of Alexandar to the Sallow Man.
  • Fail Sallow Man Dead
    The Sallow Man is dead. We cannot fulfill his request any more.
  • End
    We completed the Sallow Man's request. It seems that he has something we need, something important... but he won't fulfill his end of the deal just yet...
  • Close Left C O S
    We left the Nameless Isle behind, without fulfilling the Sallow Man's demands.