• Up in the Clouds is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest when you find the temple of Amadia
  • Suggested level: 16
  • Act 3


  • Knight of Amadia



Up in the clouds: Locations


  1. Head north and teleport over the broken bridge. Run or jump through the traps and activate the lever until a portal shows up.
  2. The engraved jewel you need to open the door at the beginning of this section.
  3. Another lever puzzle with traps. Teleport through them and activate all three lever and wait until a Knight of Amadia will show up. Talk to her and accept her gift.
  4. Pray to the altar of Amadia and learn that the wizards are aligned to the moon.
  5. Go back where you started the section and open the closed door with he engraved jewel to get some decent loot.
    • You can take the shortcut by interacting with the birds' nest just south of the altar.


  • 30,100 EXP when you get the quest
  • 40,150 EXP and the Knight of Amadia's Gloves when you accept the gift from the Knight of Amadia


Knight of Amadia's Gloves

Knight of Amadia's Gloves



  • Start
    We have reached a temple that floats high above the Nameless Isle
  • Hovering Runes
    It seems that using the hovering runes is key to removing the magical barriers that surround the temple.
  • Portal Unlocked
    We have opened a portal that seems to lead farther into the temple.
  • Traps Disarmed
    We have overcome the defences of the temple.
  • Knight Of Amadia
    The Knight of Amadia handed over a boon - a pair of gloves supposed to have belonged to Amadia herself.
  • Close Left C O S
    We have continued on our quest, without exploring more of the floating temple.