• The Mother Tree is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from Elven High Priestess in the Elven Temple.
  • Suggested level: 17
  • Act 3




  • High Priestess
  • Shadow Prince


There are two majorly different ways to do this quest:

Helping the Elven High Priestess:

  1. Kill the Shadow Prince.
    • You find him at lava region to the south and will have invisible henchman that will help him in a fight. (240,750XP)
  2. Bring his heart to the Priestess of the Elven Temple and collect your reward.

Helping the Shadow Prince:

  1. Talk to the Shadow Prince. He will give you a box with death fog that you should put into the Elven Temple.
  2. Kill the Elven High Princes, interact with the Mother Tree and select the option to place death fog inside the tree.
    • You will get attacked by an Elven Scion and 3 dryads. (265,050XP)
  3. Report back to the Shadow Prince who will detonate the Box.
    • The entire Elven Temple will be covered in death fog killing everyone inside including traders and Bishop Alexandar.


Helping the Elves:

  • 80,250XP
  • Choice of legendary-quality loot.
  • Giant rune.
  • Some other random loot.

Helping the Shadow Prince:

  • 80,250XP
  • Choice of legendary-quality loot
  • Ornate chest (3k gold, divine quality loot)

Tips & Tricks

  • You can loot the traders with an undead if you have chosen to kill everyone with death fog.



  • Start Spy Master
    The Shadow Prince has bid us to find the Heart of the Mother Tree, somewhere within the Elf Temple. We are then to place the Deathfog Bomb inside of it. Once this is completed, we must return to him.
  • Start Priestess
    A priestess of the Elven Temple has bid us to seek out the Elven Scion. We should proceed to the top of the tree.
  • Start Mother Tree
    The Elven Scion has bid us to kill the Shadow Prince, and bring his heart back to the Mother Tree.
  • Saheila
    Saheila wants the Mother Tree dead, in order to liberate the elves.
  • Bomb Detonated
    The Shadow Prince has detonated the Deathfog Bomb. The Elf Temple is now a grave for all inside it.
  • Placed Device
    We have placed the Deathfog Bomb where the Shadow Prince bid me to. Now we ought to leave before anyone notices.
  • Scion Killed Tree
    We destroyed the Mother Tree with the power of a Scion.
  • Heart Eaten
    We admitted to the Elven Scion that one of us ate the heart of the Shadow Prince. The Scion thanked us for killing him, but offered no reward in return.
  • Spy Master Dead
    The Shadow Prince is dead.
  • End Mother Tree
    We have informed the Elven Scion of the Shadow Prince's demise.
  • End Spy Master
    The Shadow Prince thanked us for our service, and left a reward for us by his pavillion.
  • Close Left C O S
    We have departed from the Nameless Isle without resolving the conflict between the Mother Tree and the Shadow Prince.