• Running Like Clockwork is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from the spirit of Knight of Xantezza found near the temple of Xantezza on the nameless isle or finding the red gem east of the Lunar Gate waypoint.
  • Suggested level: 16
  • Act 3


  1. Get the gem From the two Worgs just east of the Lunar Gate waypoint. Persuade or kill them and interact with the Gem.
    • Tell that gem that you don't have time for riddles or you have to answer the question with either the [Mystic] or [Noble] tagged option.
  2. If you select the correct dialog options you will be teleported to the Impish Pocket Realm
  3. Jump or teleport down onto the pipes you find south-east of the pocket realm.
  4. Run along the pipes until you see the bright core. Teleport one of your Party members as close as possible to the core and deactivate it (maybe [Scholar] tag needed). Deathfog gets released if you fail to reach the Core within one turn.
  5. Interact with the altar to learn that the imps are aligned with the moon.

alternative: remove the slow debuff before you get near the core

  1. In the first room, press the 4 pressure plates at once to open the door to the north.

  2. The next room has a lot of pressure plate traps. Disarm or navigate around them.

  3. You will see two valves.

    • One reads Emergency Flush Protocol that will release Deathfog and kill everyone.

    • The other one reads Hyperdrive Protocol behind a closed door. Either lockpick or teleport around the door and interact with the valve and turn the slow debuff into a haste buff.

  4. Deactivate the Core you can reach over the pipes like described above.


  • 20,075 EXP + 30,100 EXP for entering the Pocket Realm.
  • 20,075 EXP upon discovering the core.
  • 20,075 EXP and some legendary-quality loot for interacting with the altar and completing the quest.


Tips & Tricks

  • After the core is deactivated, you can keep exploring the pocket realm but there isn't that much interesting to find.


Map: Impish Pocket Realm

Map: Impish Pocket Realm

Large ruby - Entrance to the Impish Pocket realm

Large ruby - Entrance to the Impish Pocket Realm.



  • Start Knight
    We learned that the Imp Gem was taken by the Black Ring. Without the Gem, we cannot enter the Imp Temple.
  • Wargs
    The Black Ring Wargs won't be an issue for us any longer.
  • Used Gem
    We found an unusual talking gem.
  • Imp Diary
    Apparently we ought to deactivate the core of the Pocket Realm in the event of an emergency. The core is supposed to be very dangerous, and we should 'follow the pipes' in order to remain safe.
  • Sent To Realm
    The gem transported us into a Pocket Realm hidden inside it.
  • Time Slowed
    It seems that this Pocket Realm is the Imp Temple. It appears to be abandoned, and time passes more slowly inside it.
  • Core Info
    Something happened to the core of the Imp Temple - it went out of control and killed all who were inside it.
  • Core Deactivated
    We deactivated the core.
  • End
    The core seems to be stable once more.
  • Close Left C O S
    We have ventured onwards. It seems that we will never uncover the mysteries of the Imp Temple.