Venomous Aura

Blinding Radiance skill icon

SP iconAP iconAP icon

Allies in range receive Venom Coating, which adds [X] Poison Damage to weapon skills and attacks.


skill effect icon Set Venomous Aura for 4 turn(s).

​​skill requirement icon Requires Geomancer 2

​​skill requirement icon Requires Scoundrel 2

​​skill requirement icon Requires 2 Memory slots

pysical resist icon Physical Armor Resist

clock icon Cooldown: 5 round(s)


pysical resist icon Geomancer

Skill book Recipe

  • Skill Book Earth Source + Skill Book Rogue
  • Skill Book Earth + Skill Book Rogue Source
  • Skill Book Earth Source + Skill Book Rogue Source

Scroll Recipe







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