Blinding Radiance skill icon

AP icon

Provides 7 Physical Armour. While Fortified, the target cannot be teleported. Removes Poisoned, Bleeding, Burning, Acid, Decaying.


skill effect icon Set Fortified for 3 turn(s).

​​skill requirement icon Requires Geomancer 1

​​skill requirement icon Requires 1 Memory slot

​​skill requirement icon 13 Range

clock icon Cooldown: 4 round(s)


pysical resist icon Geomancer

Skill book Recipe

  • Blank Skill Book Earth + Fortify Scroll

Scroll Recipe

  • Sheet Of Paper + Earth Essence + Whisperwood
  • Sheet Of Paper + High Quality Earth Essence + Whisperwood
  • Sheet Of Paper + Alien Earth Essence + Whisperwood



Skills Geomancer