• The Last Stand of the Magisters is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from Lord Kemm near the Magister Barracks.
  • Suggested level: 18
  • Act 4


  • Lord Kemm
  • High Cryptographer Marwell


  1. Enter the Barracks of the magisters, cast spirit vision and talk to High Cryptographer Marwell.
  2. There is a hidden hatch right next to him that needs a combination to unlock.
  3. Either persuade Cryptographer Marwell or get the code from the plaques you can find inside the magister's dorm (previous room).
  4. The combination to unlock the hatch is related to the motto of the magisters:
    1. Mind
    2. Body
    3. Society
    4. Loyalty
  5. Inside the vault, there is a room with 4 switches hidden behind paintings. Remove the paintings and press the switches in the following order:
    • vault mind


    • vault Society

      2. Society

    • vault body

      3. Body

    • vault divine

      4. Divine

  6. When the buttons are pressed in the correct door, two secret doors will open. One door will lead to a treasure chamber where some loot and a hatch, leading to the area below, can be found. In the other room is a book about Arhu & Kemm and the spirit of magister Hux, who will tell you that Arx may be threatened by dwarfs operating from the sewers. 
  7. From the vault's entrance west, there are staircases leading to the next floor.
  8. Downstairs, there are 3 Gheists and Reimond, depending if you let him escape in Act 2. Kill everything and talk to the magister spirits in this room.
  9. Read the journals on the table
    • Reimond's Journal
    • Magister Dallis Report
    • Dallis' Private Journal
  10.  Report back to Lord Kemm to end the quest.



  • Talked To Kemm
    We spoke to Lord Linder Kemm. He and his Paladins stormed the Magister Barracks and put the Magisters to the sword.
  • Kemm Info Paladin Magister You
    Kemm told us that the Magisters have betrayed the memory of Lucian. The Paladins had long held suspicions about their counterparts, but apparently the evidence that we provided from the Blackpits finally gave them cause to take action.
  • Kemm Info Paladin Magister Other
    Kemm told us that the Magisters have betrayed the memory of Lucian. The Paladins had long held suspicions about their counterparts, but they only recently received evidence from Lord Arhu that finally enabled them to take action.
  • Looking For White Magisters
    The Paladins have searched every part of the barracks, but they haven't found anything of note about the Magister plot or their involvement with the Black Ring. Kemm knows that White Magisters were here recently, however, and believes that they must have left some sort of clue or trail. Perhaps we should look around.
  • Found Encryption
    We found an encrypted hatch hidden in the Magister Barracks. The means to unlock it seems to be related to the motto of the Magisters.
  • Talked To Encryption Maker
    We spoke with the spirit of High Cryptographer Marwell, the Magister who devised the encrypted hatch.
  • Gained Access To White Vault
    We managed to get past the encrypted hatch in the Magister Barracks. Now to see what it conceals...
  • Visited Archives
    We found ourselves in some sort of archive vault, beneath the Magister Barracks. The place is deserted; books and papers are strewn all about. Did the Magisters ransack this place themselves...?
  • Visited H Q
    We have entered a large chamber, deep in the vaults beneath the Magister Barracks. Could this be where Reimond and the White Magisters fled?
  • Encountered Reimond
    We encountered Magister Reimond in the chamber, surrounded by dead White Magisters.
  • Reimond Killed
    Reimond attempted to burn down the whole chamber, and us with it. We managed to kill him, however.
  • Search Clues
    From Reimond, we learned more of Dallis' plans: she intends to enter the Tomb of Lucian and use the Aeteran to purge the powers of the gods that can still be found in his remains. She believes that once this is done, Source will be no more, and the Voidwoken will cease to be a threat. If she's wrong, she'd be leaving the world defenseless against the Void. We have to catch up with her - perhaps there's still useful information to be found in this chamber.
  • Hint Grand Design
    It seems that Dallis White Magisters are determined to purge the world of all Source. They must be stopped.
  • Learned White Magister Secret
    We have learned that the Magisters truly believe they are following the teachings of Lucian through their actions... but more importantly, we learned where Dallis is heading to - the Tomb of Lucian.
  • Reported Kemm
    We ought to tell Lord Kemm what we have learned - perhaps the Paladins can help us.
  • Reported Kemm Dead
    We need to find Dallis as soon as possible, and that will require that we find a way to enter the Tomb of Lucian.
  • Told Kemm
    We told Lord Kemm what we learned of the Magister plot. He seemed confident that Dallis would not be able to enter the Tomb of Lucian, however, as she would apparently need Lord Arhu in order to do so, and Lord Arhu is away on his 'travels'. An underwhelming response - we had better continue to pursue the matter ourselves.
  • Close Left A R X
    We have ventured onwards, without exploring the secrets of the Magister Barracks.