• The Consulate is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from ???
  • Suggested level: 20
  • Act 3


  1. You will either have to bless every necro fire or sneak through the consulate to reach the garden
    1. The cursed Revenants will endlessly respawn in the next necrofire.
    2. The doors have low hp (level 10) and can easily be destroyed. You don't need to get the keys.
    3. You can get through without fighting the Revenants if you go right, destroy the right door with a bow and teleport one party member past that door and use Pyramids to reunite the party.
  2. Enter the garden of the Consulate and cast spirit vision to find a portal. Save before you enter it.
  3. Inside the dream, there are several mirrors that will spawn enemies until they are destroyed. The fight starts when you leave the central platform shades of Malady, Bishop, Windego start to appear.
    • This can be on of the easiest fights or one of the hardest depending on if you have destroyed all the mirrors before you leave the platform.
  4. Once all mirrors are down, another portal will appear that will lead to Sadha. Enter it and talk to her with The Red Prince.
  5. Leave the dream through the portal to complete the quest.


  • Saw Voidwoken
    We saw dead Voidwoken outside the Lizard Consulate in Arx.
  • Voidwoken Attacked
    We learned that Voidwoken attacked the Lizard Consulate.
  • Entered The Consulate
    We managed to make our way into the Consulate.
  • Discovered The Princess Was Here
    We learned that Sadha, the Red Princess, was inside the Consulate at the time of the Voidwoken attack.
  • Consulate R P
    We explored the Lizard Consulate, and found a strange portal floating above the fountain.
  • Horror Sleep Enter
    We found ourselves transported to a different realm - Horrorsleep.
  • Horror Sleep Arena Start
    Apparitions of Bishop Alexandar, Malady and Windego appeared, intent on killing us.
  • Horror Sleep Arena End
    We have destroyed all of the mirrors, and uncovered a way out of the Horrosleep arena.
  • Horror Sleep Warzone Enter
    We passed through a glowing portal and found ourselves in a war-torn desert region.
  • Horror Sleep Warzone Dreamer Let Me Pass
    We met a lizard dreamer called Brahmos. He is the one responsible for this dreamscape. He gave us a key that will let us out.
  • Horror Sleep Warzone Dreamer Hostile
    We met a lizard dreamer called Brahmos. He is the one responsible for this dreamscape. He tried to stop us from going on, and we were forced to fight him.
  • Horror Sleep Warzone Dreamer Dead
    Brahmos is dead.
  • Horror Sleep Sunset Start
    We passed through a glowing portal and found ourselves in an encampment at a lush desert oasis.
  • Horror Sleep Sunset Princess Hostile
    We encountered Sadha, the Red Princess. She attacked us.
  • Horror Sleep Sunset Princess Told God King
    Sadha told us that she is Sworn, and pursued by the God King.
  • Horror Sleep Sunset Princess Gave Egg
    Sadha gave us her egg, and told us that the little one inside is almost ready to hatch - all it needs is a little fiery encouragement.
  • Horror Sleep Sunset Princess Dead
    Sadha is dead.
  • Horror Sleep Sunset R P Seduction Teleported Out
    Sadha recognised the Red Prince, and he agreed to mate with her. We were teleported back to the real world, in order to give them some privacy.
  • Horror Sleep Sunset End
    We left the oasis dreamscape. The glowing portal closed behind us.
  • Consulate No R P
    We explored the Lizard Consulate, but found no survivors.
  • Close Left A R X
    We continued on our way without exploring the Lizard Consulate.