Wrecker's cave is a location in Divinity: Original Sin 2

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  • Lohar
  • Mordus


  1. On your way to the Cave, you will encounter several ambushes and the encounters inside the cave can be hard- so be prepared.
  2. Inside the Cave, you can find a survivor you can talk to.
  3. Keep exploring the cave until you get attacked by 4 winged Voidwoken. This is a scripted encounter you are supposed to lose.
  4. These Winged Voidwoken will take your party members to the depth of the cave and the party will wake up separated from each other.
    1. Note: See Tips & Tricks on how to prevent your party from getting separated.

Reunite your party

  1. Carefully explore everything with each party members. You will find many locked doors and ledges you have to teleport on.

    • Note: big Voidwokens will ambush you on certain spots throughout the cave and they can be very hard to beat with just a single party member. If you see that you are losing the fight, switch to another party member and try to join that fight.

    • Note: There are a lot of spirits scattered around this area. Cast Spirit Vision and talk to them if you want to learn more about what happened in this cave.

    • Note: See Tips & Tricks for some shortcuts. (Waypoint travel and Pyramids still work)

  2. One of your Party members will wake up in a place without enemies. Talk to the strange dwarf and explore your cage thoroughly. You will find letters regarding the quests Shadow over Driftwood and The Law of the Order. There is also the key to the weapon chamber behind the shipwreck you can find when moving the barres out of your way.

  3. Lockpick the door with this party member and try to meet up with one of your party members.

  4. In case lockpicking isn't possible to switch the party member who woke up in the bedroom. 

    1. You can find the private chamber key in this area but you have to fight a bunch of dwarfs to get it.

    2. When you have the key move straight to the east until you reach a locked door you may lockpick.

    3. there is also a digging spot in that area (X: 695; Y564) 

  5. The third party member will be in a fight against some easy Voidwokens.

    • Kill the Voidwoken and keep exploring until you reach two wood gates. One is not locked but if you keep going that route you will be attacked by a big Voidwoken.

    • The locked door can be destroyed. You can find the Barrel Chamber key here after an easy fight against two possessed dwarfs.

  6. The 4th party member is a fight that is almost impossible to win alone.

Find Mordus

  1. After all party members found each other, you can proceed to the next area through a ladder at a shipwreck

  2. You will find Mordus there who will attack you with his henchman.

    • Mordus can drain source from dead bodies that he will use to transform into a huge Voidwoken.

    • The battle is over when you strike him down.

    • He may die if you strike him down while he is in his Voidwoken form. Try to focus fire him and don't let him get a source point.

  3. He will help you to increase your source if you let him live and give you an amulet that opens a hatch further down the cave.

  4. be sure to leave to the back entrance and activate the waypoint there.

Tips & Tricks

  • Killing or sparing Mordus will net you an amulet that can open a hatch in this area. The gem you will find inside is important for the A Taste of Freedom quest.
  • Use the Teleport Pyramids to quickly reunite your party members.
  • Use waypoint travel to reunite your party.
  • Avoid splitting the party by going around the troll bridge and use teleport to get on the beach near the waypoint and go into the cave from the backside.
  • Strike Mordus down before he transforms into a Voidwoken.
  • Dig up a secret tunnel right before the Voidwoken ambush and get into the depths of the cave without getting your party separated.
    • Dig spot Wrecker's Cave secret tunnel

      Secret Tunnel entrance

      Note: You can still use a shovel on the spot if you cant discover the dirt mound