Using one of these pyramids will teleport you to the selected one. This means you can leave the pyramid at any location and teleport there at will, or you can just leave them on your party members and use it to easily teleport to another when necessary. You can also use them in battle.


There are in total 4 pyramids in Dinivity: Original sin 2.

The first two can be found in the first Act:

  • On the Lady Vengeance at the end of act 1 during the Lady O' War quest in the room with the necromancer NPC named Tarquin on a table. Using this one will teleport you into a secret room to the other Pyramid where you will get attacked by Dallis Pets.

The other two can be found in Act 2:

  • One can be found in the basement in Rykers Mansion. There is a door without a keyhole that can be opened by pressing a switch near Ryker, right next to a mirror. (A Generous Offer)
  • Inside the Tenebrium Chest, you find in the archives on the Bloodmoon Island (The Secrets of Bloodmoon Island). Needs to be lockpicked.
    • Tip: You can respec on the Lady Vengeance at any time. Just put enough points into thievery and waypoint back.
1st Pyramid

1st Pyramid (red) location

2nd Pyramid Location

2nd Pyramid (blue) location

3rd Pyramid location (yellow)

3rd Pyramid (yellow) location

4ht Pyramid location

4th Pyramid (green) location


  • Teleport Pyramids can't be used to teleport onto the Lady Vengeance