• Almira's Request is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from Almira at Paradise down.
  • Suggested level: 14
  • Act 2
  • Previous Quest: Unlikely Lovers


Almira asked that we retrieve an ancient tablet for her. The information that it contains will allow her to construct a Swornbreaker - an artefact that will let her free herself from the Covenant she swore with the God King. She believes that it can be found in a cavern beneath the Blackpits.


  • Almira


  1. Get the Tablet from the Blackpit Mine.
  2. Finish the quest by bringing her the tablet instead of Ryken.


  • The Ravisher  ( ring , +2 MA, + 1 necromencer , + dominate mind skill )



  • Tablet Found
    We found the tablet that Almira desires.
  • Told Of Missing Tablet
    We told Almira that we already gave the tablet to someone else.
  • Left Region
    Almira has left the Lady Vengeance before we departed from Reaper's Coast, intending to continue her search for the tablet she desires.
  • Gave Tablet Almira
    We gave the tablet to Almira.